How do I know if anyone has Google Hangouts

And now it comes with more news that will let us know, among other things, who is logged in and who of our contacts uses the application. This is why we have created an interesting article on how do i know if anyone has google hangouts.

But these new features can only be appreciated if you have the new update for Android and it is Google Hangouts 1.2. With this important news for those who use the application, we can know at any time who is using Hangouts and who is connected at this precise moment and who is not.

With this novelty, it will be very easy to know something that previously could not have been known or deduced, unless we contact our friends and ask them directly. In this tutorial we will show you how you can find out from the application on your mobile phone, how do i know if anyone has google hangouts.

How do I know if anyone has Google Hangouts

So you can know or to know if anyone has Google Hangouts among your contacts, perhaps at this moment can not be known. But if it allows you with the inclusion of new functions to recognize who of your contacts is connected and who is not at that moment, to be able to speak directly.

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This allows us to realize that the improvements you are implementing in the Hangouts application are making it smarter. But how can we say that a contact is connected right now. Well, it is very easy to perceive and in this version it is evident in the beginning.

The first thing you need to do is download the new available version of Google Hangouts for Android devices. This can be done from the Play Store and through the following link you can do it easily and comfortably. After the update, you just need to log into your Hangouts account as you normally do.

After entering the application, you will select the contacts option and it will immediately show you all your contacts that are in the Google Hangouts platform and you can create groups. But immediately you should notice something that previously did not appear. Next to each contact's name you can see a hoops green and a gray circle.

New features that let you know who's online in Hangouts

For those contacts that are shown a green circle, it will indicate that they are connected at this very moment. And for contacts that have a gray circle, it will indicate that they are not connected right now. This is indeed a significant advance, since we can speak directly without having to guess.

This is a function that shows i social networks like Facebook, which shows you when you enter their home page which of your friends are connected, so that you can chat with them at that moment and not send them a message and it will be replied to the next time you connect. These are improvements applied by these communication platforms, to please their users.

You'll find other subtle changes in this new update, but your contact list is worth commenting on. They are organized differently, in People You Chat With, Other Contacts and Suggested People. There is also a change in conversation requests that are now on top of other conversations, among others.

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And in this way we finish the following tutorial which I try to clarify your doubts about how do i know if anyone has google hangouts. And we show you the new update of the application for Android devices, as well as its new functions.

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