How do I know if I've been blocked on Tinder?

How do I know if I've been blocked on Tinder?

A few weeks ago, we told you how feasible it is to have Tinder totally free so that you can know what to expect when using this geosocial application. Well and this time, we present the following article: how to know if i've been blocked on tinder where we will clarify and analyze one of the problems that can generate more uncertainty and discomfort when flirting on Tinder and which concerns the blocking, rejection or refusal After all, the disinterest caused by this unfortunate action by some users in the process of interaction on Tinder and that many expect to know whether they have been blocked or not.

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How to know if I've been blocked on Tinder | Clarification

Firstly and so that there are no confusions, it is necessary to clarify that a Match on Tinder arises when two users give each other a «I like it» to the profile of the other user and from that moment -who have made the Match-, they have the power to socialize on Tinder and up to here, we are all perfectly clear.

Now then, and after the Match on Tinder, confusion and discomfort can arise… Since by logging into Tinder, you can see that in the section «Matches» there is no Match they have made on Tinder and with whom they have not yet started a conversation or, in the section «Messages«, that user they matched with and had already talked about something doesn't appear and it's right here, where many Tinder users frown and wonder How to know if I've been blocked on Tinder? Or, How do I know who blocked me on Tinder?

Having said the above and in honor of the truth, we have to tell you that it cannot be clearly defined or clarified whether they have been blocked on Tinder when that contact with whom they have matched does not appear and have not yet spoken or, with whom they have met and they have spoken since the fundamental reason is as follows.

When a user proceeds to block another user on Tinder, he needs to define a reason or cause for this action in a form in order to make the Tinder support team aware of the situation and by this way, there are no notifications to the user. other user of this fact and by doing so, the contact with the other user simply disappears mutually (they are deleted from the matches and messages section) and therefore they can no longer communicate.

However, it is not the only cause when a match or user disappears from your contacts, there are others that are worth checking so as not to think that the disappearing ones have blocked you.

How to know if I've been blocked on Tinder | Other causes

You need to indicate here, other possible factors or causes when they don't find it or those users they have matched and talked with, which are as follows.

I delete their Tinder account: It is possible that the user they matched and talked with deleted their Tinder account and with it their Tinder journey disappears and they will never know what happened to that user.

Cancel the match: For one reason or another, chances are that user was annoyed by something, didn't really tune in with you, or, well, whatever and decided to abort the game by calling it, one of these causes: inappropriate photos, looks like spam, inappropriate messages, other or no reason and so, they mutually disappear from your contact lists and you won't even notice.

Has been reported: one last reason and although it has a minimal probability, is that that user has been reported by some other user or, Tinder support itself has detected something in that profile and they have defined to disable his account and with it he disappears from Tinder and from your contact, they won't know what happened to them.

Lastly, intuition is key to having an idea of ​​what might happen with a match, thread of conversation or such a person… If at any point that person disappears from your Matches and Conversations section you will not be able to define exactly what exactly happened.

What you can do is minimize this type of thing by being discreet and tactful when having a conversation on and along with Tinder, socially striking that precious "tune" with that person and not letting time pass in such a way that things fail to wither… In the end, the idea is to specify and get to know each other.

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