How do I know if my mobile is high, medium or low range?

But it's actually easier than you might imagine and in this article we'll tell you how recognize a phone of low, medium or high end following certain patterns, to say the least.

After reading this article, you will find that it is not at all difficult to recognize a device and that the price is actually the least you should use to guide you in judging a cell phone.

How do I know if my mobile is high, medium or low range?

How to know what range my phone is from

We don't always have to be price-driven

On many occasions and for many products, the price can be a way of orienting on what is of the best quality or, in this case, of the higher range.

In reality, the price does not have much to do with it because we can find very cheap devices that maintain a similar price in terms of medium / high range compared to a medium / low range Samsung.

Therefore, don't go for the 100% price because it's not an accurate way to find out if you are buying a high-end device.

Low-end phones

Low-end devices are, on the whole, fairly easy to recognize. Many people don't understand processors, etc. However, if we rely on two very simple things, it is possible to recognize a low-end mobile, what would these things be? Resolution and RAM.

Typically, low-end devices don't have more than 1 GB of RAM and their resolution is usually qHD 1280x720 or lower. In the case of the processor, they generally have some dual-core.

How do I know if my mobile is high, medium or low range?

How to know the range of my mobile

Mid-range phones

Mid-range phones are the best sellers on the market and that is they offer decent features at a generally quite affordable price. How can we recognize them? Mid-range mobiles generally have 2 GB of RAM or more. Some mid-range devices may have 3-4GB of RAM. As for the screen, it is always in HD, never less.

Processors can be quad-core or eight-core. This will obviously depend on the model and brand. Internal memory cannot be less than 16GB of storage.

High-end mobile phones

High-end devices are the best on the market. So they are generally very easy to recognize because in this sense they are well accompanied by a considerable price. However, the features stand out above all others.

From 4K or Full HD screens, to RAM memory that can reach 6 GB or more. With cameras that exceed 30 mega pixels and high performance processors. Generally the price range is much higher than the previous ranges, exceeding in the vast majority of cases i 500-600 euro.

In terms of design, you will appreciate that it is very detailed, differs from other ranges and is very elegant. After all, high-end devices are often the " flagship »Of the company.

Another thing you can apply is "know the company" to give you a simple example. Apple does not manufacture low-end or mid-range devices. IPhones are high-end mobiles, every one of them. For example, Samsung's S line is high-end, while the A-line is mid-range, etc.

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