How Do I Know If Someone Is Hiding What They Upload On Facebook - Hidden Posts

Find out if a contact has blocked your Facebook posts

Although currently Facebook does not directly let you know if someone blocked you, there is the possibility to know for yourself, in a safe, easy and legal way.

This is done by checking a couple of things on the board of Facebook of the person you suspect has blocked you.

So pay attention to the steps we will give you below so that you can know once and for all if you have been blocked, which prevents you from seeing any kind of posting on Facebook.

  1. The first thing to do is to enter Facebook to access your Facebook profile and then access the Friends section to see your current one friends list Your Facebook.
  2. This section is located under your profile photo and in the search bar that appears in Friends, you need to enter the name of the friend you think has blocked you.
  3. Now, when you get the friend, click on them and access their profile and go to the part that allows you to post on your friend's wall.
  4. This is a bar or space at the very beginning of your friend's profile and this bar says "Write something…" and if this bar seems to write something, this shows that you have not been blocked.
  5. But, on the other hand, if this bar doesn't appear, it shows that the person has blocked you.
  6. Another thing you can do is check if you can see your friends' Facebook posts and stories, i.e. their activity on this social network.
  7. You need to be careful if you can see aspects such as which pages they join, how aspects of their personal information change, add friends, but You can't see other friends' activity on the person's wall, most likely the person has blocked.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Hiding What They Upload On Facebook - Hidden Posts

How do I know if stories are being hidden from me on Facebook?

To know if one of the people you have added to your profile has blocked you, it is a bit difficult to know for yourself, however, we have options that can help us decrypt if it is correct that someone has blocked you from their Facebook Stories.

The main thing is through a profile of a friend who added that person, you can check if he has blocked you, you will know it first by logging into that friend's account, then search for the Facebook profile you are interested in and see if with that account the stories are available to you.

If so, in fact that person decided to hide you from their Facebook stories.

However, if you don't have a friend's help to find out, another slightly more complicated solution is that you decide to create a profile in which you have another identity and send a friend request to the person you want to see.

In case the person has accepted you, it will be the right time to go to his profile and check, if his stories are available, there will be no doubt that he has blocked you from his profile stories.

As a last resort it wouldn't hurt not to discard it, there is always the possibility that you accidentally silenced this person to not see his stories, so it is also advisable to go into the status settings and see if the person you are interested in is on that list.

If so, you can remove it from there and the stories of that person will be available again on your Facebook profile.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Hiding What They Upload On Facebook - Hidden Posts

Extra tricks to know if someone has blocked their posts on Facebook

Other ways you can get an indication that someone has blocked you is, for example, you can try taggarlo and you can't, this can give you a signal that you have been blocked.

You can also choose to try to create an event with that person and if you can't, that's another sign.

If you still have doubts, you can try searching for it on Messenger and see if you can still send messages to your friend.

You can also log into their profile and if Facebook tells you that profile not available, it is very likely that you have been blocked by that person.

A definitive way to find out if a person has blocked you is to log out of Facebook and go to Google and enter the profile name of the person you suspect has blocked you.

So, if the person appears in Google Chrome browser searches and you can access their profile from there, it means that it is very likely that that person has blocked you.

You can also go to a Facebook game that you and the person have played in the past and go to the game leaderboard.

If you find it in the leaderboard, it may indicate that this person has blocked you. This is because some games on Facebook do not update the changes made by the users of that social network.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Hiding What They Upload On Facebook - Hidden Posts

With these tricks that we have given you, you can finally find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook. You will no longer have the worry of suspecting that a friend has blocked you, you can finally get out of your doubts once and for all!

How can I see the wall of a person who has restricted me on Facebook?

It may happen that you have some doubts as to whether a person or friend you have added on Facebook has blocked their wall of content for you, although there is not much to worry about, as there are always Facebook shortcuts to find out if this is true and also to be able to see your wall.

The first thing is to go to the search engine and search for the name of the person you want to see, in this case after obtaining it, we will enter your profile.

Next, we will verify that we have actually added it to Friends, as it could happen that instead of blocking us, he removed us off his friends list for some reason.

Upon being in your profile and seeing that we have actually added it, let's go down a bit in your profile for see if a window appears called 'Publications of (the person's name)'.

If this window pops up and also offers us a small message that says 'Write something to ...' it means that this person has not blocked us, if on the contrary this window does not appear available, it means that this person has blocked or who has this private function on Facebook.

Likewise, you can continue to go down even further through this person's profile and see what activity they have in their profile, if this person shares publications in the usual way, if there are tags of people who added municipality, etc.

Ma if only a few posts come out and there is a big gap between each of the posts, it means that this person has blocked us on the Facebook post board.

The only option available to view your board even if you've blocked it, is copy your profile link and open it in a browser in we are not logged into Facebook, if this person has their profile set up publicly, we can see all your wall content.

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