How do I know who visits my Facebook profile? - Very easy

In short, the evolution of this social network has been huge and is still undergoing change, adding more features for its users. But something that always generates doubts is Who visits my profile? Facebook at first sight does not have the possibility for us to know the people who decide to visit our profile.

However, this does not mean that we cannot know who visits our profile. Next, we will show you a trick to know who visits my Facebook profile.

You need to follow this tutorial step by step. Although it is quite simple and there is no need to use third party applications or programs. It might be a little tricky for you, since we'll have to navigate through the code of our profile page to be able to find our friends who have recently signed up.

On the other hand, maybe before starting, it is better that you put your Facebook profile in public. Without further ado, let's continue with this tutorial.

How do I know who visits my Facebook profile? - Very easy

How to know who has visited my profile on Facebook

  • The first thing you should do is log into Facebook with your account.
  • After that you will have to go directly to your profile.
  • Now you will need to open the source code of the How? Page You can press " Ctrl + U »Or» F12 »You can also right-click on it and from the menu choose» See source code of the page «.
  • A window opens with all the relevant code. It may seem like chaos, but we can find people visiting our Facebook profile here.
  • Awards » Ctrl + F »And a search box will open. In this box you will have to write " friends list »And you will see that it takes us to an area of ​​the code where we will find many numbers separated by quotes and commas.
  • You will be able to view different codes ending in " -2 "What we need is the code before that" -2 »So that you can see all the people who enter your profile.
  • For this, all you have to do is copy all the numbers that appear before the -2 and paste it into the address bar with the Facebook URL:
  • By pressing enter you will be directed to the profile of the person who has just entered yours. So simple.

In turn, in relation to what was shown above, there are also ways to see your Facebook profile as others see it. Useful in case you want to see their posts like others.

How do I know who visits my Facebook profile? - Very easy

Who visits my Facebook profile?

The first codes that appearing in the list come from people who have visited your profile. The others are the ones you've been having a conversation with lately. People you have been most active with lately may also appear.

In a nutshell, in this way you have access to a large amount of information to know who has entered my Facebook profile and with whom you share more activities on this social network.

At Look How It Is Made we teach you everything you need to know about Facebook and others social networks in detail with different tutorials, guides and tricks that will surely be very useful to start learning everything you need on the different social networks we have. currently.

In turn, if you still have some kind of doubts about how to know who visits my Facebook profile, you can leave it a little further down in the box of comments.

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