How many megabytes does my Internet have - Measures the speed of WIFI

In other words, one megabit equals 1.024 kilobitFor example, a 2 megabit internet is 1000 times faster than a 2 kilobit internet

Today the internet can easily exceed 10 megabits per second. Curiously, the fastest internet in the world is in Singapore, where its speed is of 60 megabits per second. That is why it is advisable to choose the best Wi-Fi signal channel, which has the fastest speed.

To measure our internet we have to take into account some factors, such as our download speed, upload speed and our latency, if you don't know what we mean, we advise you to read on.

What is Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Latency?

While it's easy to understand, many people don't know how to differentiate what upload and download speeds mean in addition to latency. The download or download speed is time used by Internet data to reach our device.

For example, when we want to download a song, the download speed we will have will depend on how long it will take to download it.

The upload or upload speed is the opposite, that is the time it takes to send a file from our device, be it the our computer or smartphone, to the internet. Normally, our upload speed is usually lower than the download speed.

In case of latency, it is the delay or response time we have within the network. It is usually very useful to know our latency when we are playing an online game or we need a quick response while we are on the internet, for example the time it takes to open a page.

Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms), while our latency is lower, the response within the network will be faster. It is important to note that the latency will be higher if using WIFI as we are placing an element between the internet signal and our device.

Most popular pages for PC and Android

In the case of being on a computer, you can get many pages online without having to download and install any programs, among the most important we have:

FAST: Internet speed test

How many megabytes does my Internet have - Measures the speed of WIFI

This page is known to be very simple, we just have to go to its website, being inside the page it will start automatically and show us the speed of our Internet download, but it will not show us the upload speed or latency.

Speed ​​test

Being one of the best known pages, Speedtest is more complex, showing us ours company, server, speed of download for free, upload speed, latency, among other less important things.

How many megabytes does my Internet have - Measures the speed of WIFI

Test-speed is a lesser known page but with many advantages, as it provides us with information about our Internet that other pages do not provide, such as IPv4, IPv6, DSC, servers, among others.

How many megabytes does my internet have

Remember that the latency of the internet depends on our connection, be it Wi-Fi or cable. To begin we must open our internet browser and enter one of the previously viewed pages.

So we have to click start and wait for it to show us the results, in the end it will show us our data depending on the page and that's it ! So, if at some point you don't know why your internet connection is so slow, it's time to use these speed measurement tools.

We hope this article was helpful to you. However, we would like to know, do you think there is a better page for measuring internet speed? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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