How Mobile is changing the world with the third phase of the digital revolution

How Mobile is changing the world with the third phase of the digital revolution

The digital revolution, which began in the 90s, continues today. And it can be said that it has reached its third stage. The first saw the Internet enter the world stage; the second, the arrival of smartphones; the third went further and today we are talking about data, algorithms, engagement. All this influenced by social networks.

But there is no doubt that the first two phases gave the greatest impetus to the technological revolution. In particular smartphones, which have done nothing but mix technology and the Internet. All to take advantage of a network that today it has more than 4.500 million users.

A recent study shows that smartphone owners around the world use it for more than five hours. It means that almost two thirds of the day is spent in relation to these technological tools which, in fact, have replaced the classic PCs, even considered obsolete by the new generations accustomed to mobile connections. 

The number of users who buy smartphones has not stopped growing, even in the last three years, for a market that does not know the crisis. After all, this is the history of technology: from an auxiliary means to an irreplaceable presence in human life. The question is: what do users use smartphones for?

In Spain, the mobile phone market does not know the crisis, as in the whole world. According to, ”The Samsung company led the Spanish mobile phone market in 2020 with 27,32% of the market, closely followed by Xiaomi and Apple, both with a market share of over 20%. Other brands such as Sony, Oppo and Motorola found themselves close to 1% of the market ”.

What do people use their smartphones for?

For the most diverse activities: messaging apps are undoubtedly the most popular, with WhatsApp resisting the blows that Telegram and Signal try to give it. However, it is, along with Facebook and Instagram, the most used app.

Then comes all the rest: on modern tech gadgets, which have embraced 3D technology and are pumping 4K, HD streaming, and artificial intelligence, entertainment is all the rage too. Television and series, of course, with many dedicated applications. But also video games: from classic games available in stores to experiences on gaming platforms, an already consolidated phenomenon albeit expanding and growing also thanks to latest evolutions of online casino games.

Precisely with the pandemic, smartphones and tablets have become irreplaceable for distance learning and given the immediacy of their use to find information and documentation: publication, with the arrival of these tools, has become almost totally digital.

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