How much data or megabytes does HBO consume?

We can spend our time watching a series on the phone on the way home or in our free hours on the phone and without realizing it we have used up a large part of the availability of the phone rate. To beware of this type of situation, it is best know how much the data standard is consumed by the hours of playback.

Many platforms make this information available to users, such as Netflix. On the platform Netflix you can find the standard data consumption per hour based on the video quality. There are other cases like HBO where the answer isn't that simple.

How much data does HBO consume?

A question that undoubtedly we have asked ourselves more than once and that makes us doubt whether or not to see a chapter in more than one series. For now, in none of the countries where the HBO platform is available is there any concrete information on the mega consumption of its services.

How much data or megabytes does HBO consume?

But many are the conclusions that have been drawn on the amount of data consumed thanks to the general monitoring of the platform. According to the estimation of several users, playing a chapter of a series that has an average duration of one hour can be consuming 1 GB on average.

It is important to remember that user experience is very important to HBO which is why it only allows high resolution reproductions. Its name represents a seal of quality in the industry and everything about HBO means it is of above average quality.

How to save data on HBO?

Unfortunately, the application HBO it does not have its own configuration where the user can control the video quality to reduce the data consumption for playback. It makes the task of saving data daunting.

However, there are several options that can be applied to know and control the data consumption of the application from your phone.

Consumption time timer

It's an option that may seem orthodox at first glance, but it could work. Taking into account the standard consumption per hour of reproduction, you can set a timer. As soon as you have consumed an hour, the alarm will warn you that you need to stop.

Place the data saver

Most phones today have a data saver feature. This allows the user to reduce data usage, for example from applications running in the background.

How much data or megabytes does HBO consume?

Set your data limit

Set up a data consumption limit established on your phone, so when you are about to consume more data than allowed in your rate, the phone will notify you. It's easy to do, it will depend on the software version your device has, but usually found in Networks and Internet.

Now put a consumption limit and a warning when you are close to reaching the maximum set.

HBO is not the best application to monitor data consumption from your phone, but having the essential information you can control your consumption. You can enjoy a chapter of your favorite series and run out of data, worse still just watch half of the episode and be left wondering how it all ends.

For many users this type of information is very valuable to determine which streaming application to hire. In addition to considering which series each platform has, they also like to be in control of the amount of data they consume.

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