How much money does Netflix make? Find out the truth

It is common to wonder what are the best Chrome extensions to take advantage of Netflix or even know who is using the Netflix account. Of course, sometimes the doubts go further and one like this arises.

And if you want more, I also bring the Netflix segment information. So read on to not miss out on this interesting information.

Netflix finances

To know how much money Netflix is ​​making, you need to know that the company has experienced negative cash flow from 2011 to largely due to the company's marketing strategy.

And also spend a lot to finance growth, including the company's original entertainment production. Despite this negative cash flow, Netflix has seen significant gains in its net income in recent years.

So don't worry, unsubscribing from your Netflix account won't make much difference to your accounts.

For the fiscal year 2019, annual net profit was $ 1,9 trillion, with a 54,1% year-over-year increase. Although Netflix now operates as a single business segment, the company's 10-K for fiscal 2019 provided information that reflects the segment's historical information.

2019 earnings contributions for domestic broadcasts, international broadcasts, and domestic DVDs were $ 3,3 billion, $ 1,6 billion, and $ 174 million, respectively.


How much money does Netflix make? Find out the truth

National transmission comprises two-thirds of profits, although it accounts for less than half of the company's revenue.

In fiscal 2019, Netflix posted revenue for $ 20,2 trillion, 27,6% more than the previous year. Like net income, Netflix's income has grown at an impressive rate.

Since 2015, for example, the income nearly tripled and the net profit has grown more than 13 times, which is a good profit.

Netflix's business segments

Unlike many other media companies, Netflix does not sell advertising space on its site, nor does it sell your user data.

Basically, to know how much money Netflix is ​​making, you first need to know that the company's only source of income is its subscriptions.

Streaming services come in three tiers, with more expensive subscriptions offering streaming to additional devices and in higher definition.

Although it now operates as a single business segment, it is worth taking a closer look at the historical segments of the company.


Netflix's original DVD subscription service continues, although it's on the decline. At the end of 2019 remained alone 2.153.000 national DVD subscriptions.

This represented less than $ 300 million in revenue and $ 200 million in contributory benefits for 2019.


How much money does Netflix make? Find out the truth

International broadcasts

With more subscriptions than domestic broadcasters by around 75%, international broadcasters account for the highest revenue, with over $ 10,6 billion in 2019.

International streaming closed the year with over 106 million subscriptions fully paid. However, after the cost of revenue and marketing, international broadcasting for 2019 had a contributory benefit of $ 1,6 billion.

National broadcasts

This share has grown rapidly over the past year, leading to over 61 million paid subscriptions by the end of 2019, but has been overtaken by international streaming.

After the cost of revenue and marketing, national broadcasting accounted for $ 3,3 billion in contributory benefits, the largest of all categories.

Based on additional information from Netflix reports, domestic broadcasts generated $ 9,2 billion in revenue in 2019, or the 45,8% of the total.

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