How the Desref Function Works in Excel - Complete Guide

First What is the OFFSET function? This is a specific tool within Excel, which allows you to return a reference to a specific range, which at this time can be a number of lines and columns that are within a cell or even a range of cells. Similarly, you can specify the number of columns that will be returned.

Terms within the desref function you should know about

  • Reference: This is a mandatory value, on which the reference within the move itself will be based. This reference is based on a cell or a range adjacent to the cells. You can also use and create relative references in Excel while recording macros.
  • Lines: corresponds to the number of lines found on this page Excel. Top or bottom, it is a mandatory value, which cannot and must not be missing. If the number 5 is inside the line argument.
  • The cell I would refer to would be five lines down, depending on the specs entered. The lines discussed here can be positive or negative.
  • Column: includes the entire number of columns found there. As for the rows, it will refer to the total number both upper and lower and with positive or negative values. Besides that you can add more rows and columns using the macro.
  • Alto: although it is an optional value, it cannot be forgotten. Since it talks about the number of lines, which the value must have as a reference to the return. However, this number must be positive without exception.

How the Desref Function Works in Excel - Complete Guide

Considerations to be taken into consideration

  • It is important that the lines and the column are positioned in such a way that they never protrude from the values ​​entered in the spreadsheet, otherwise the value OFFSET the will return as #REF!
  • It is important not to omit any of the arguments within the OFFSET value. If omitted, the default values ​​will not be correct.
  • Many confuse the value OFFSET with some other attribute of cell offsets, but the reality is, this doesn't change any selection, it just returns the same with a reference. You can use this OFFSET function with any destination needed to get a reference.

What are the practical uses of this feature?

  • It is a perfect support when creating a dynamic range. Excel is one tool very useful, which allows us to name a specific range of cells. All for reference purposes. If in this case it is necessary increase or decrease the size of these intervals, it will be sufficient to change the name and the associated interval consecutively.
  • Within the pages Excel, each of the values ​​entered there can be changed and displayed automatically. These lists a downhill they are part of data validation within Excel and are based on data ranges, which are already predetermined.

How the Desref Function Works in Excel - Complete Guide

Excel is a tool that requires dedication when using them, hence the function OFFSET it is very useful when used in conjunction with other specifications.

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