How to access Facebook on Nintendo Switch Oled

How to access Facebook on Nintendo Switch Oled

The Nintendo Switch Oled offers the user a wide range of possibilities when it comes to enjoying a console since we can play both in portable mode and on our Smart TV. The only drawback is the lack of applications to get their full potential, although it is true that little by little some of them are appearing timidly in the eShop, such as YouTube or Twitch. However, the possibility of accessing other platforms and social networks is missing, in fact, surfing the Internet on the Nintendo Switch Oled is possible but only if you follow this tutorial. Luckily this trick to surf the net with the console offers us many new possibilities, such as log into Facebook on Nintendo Switch Oled, would you like to know what the procedure would be? Good, I invite you to stay at the end of this Green Android Article.

Is it possible to access Facebook on Nintendo Switch Oled?

standard, there is no Facebook application in this console, however there is a trick using Google DNS to access the browser and thus be able to enter the Facebook page.

How to put Facebook on Nintendo Switch Oled step by step 2022

The first step would be to enter the console settings, we will know exactly which icon it is because it is the only one that has a gear design on the Home screen.

On the next screen we will see the left side of the console.

  1. We select the section that says "Internet".
  2. Then we go to the right side of the screen and enter the «Internet settings».

What is Google DNS on Nintendo Switch Oled 2022?

We will now have to enter the DNS manually to access the Internet and then access Facebook from the OLED Switch, for this we must follow these instructions:

  1. We select the DNS configuration (which by default will be automatic) and put it in «Manual mode».
  2. Let's edit the primary DNS with the following «» (without quotes).
  3. Let's «Save».

How to open Facebook from Nintendo Switch Oled Easy and fast 2022

We will give it to connect and don't worry if the connection fails as it is a normal process, we will just have to give it to continue and will be loaded a page called SwitchBru DNS.

This is where we can browse through Google from the Oled Switch and then be able to access the «Social Network» without any problem.

Just by entering the search engine «Facebook» and by making a query we can access the home page of that platform in the new hybrid Nintendo.

And that would be all if you have any questions about how to do this tutorial feel free to leave me a comment and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Don't forget that it would help me a lot if you share this content with your friends and family through your social networks.. Thank you so much for everything!.

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