How to access my Facebook account

How to access my Facebook account

A few days ago I wrote an article that told how could you have a Facebook account following some step-by-step instructions for do not get lost and therefore get an account and communicate with whoever you wanted on this social network.

This time and since this blog is aimed at all those people who are taking their first steps on the internet and also at those who seek to clarify certain normal doubts and concerns that emerge, I am writing this article which aims to facilitate the way to log in or join facebook without problems and clarify all the points, I hope it is very helpful.

Initial consideration

First I must clarify that this article as a tutorial is for all those people who have Problems logging into Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook account, this other article is for you: how to join facebook.

Having clarified the previous point, let's intervene…

How to join Facebook | Step 1

The first activity or step that must be done is to access the official Facebook portal and not enter other pages and for this there are 2 options or paths that you can use and which I expose below.

1.- Log into Facebook using a search engine: to do this you must write in the search box of the search engine you use (google, bing, yahoo, yandex) the word that identifies this social network, i.e. Facebook and then, click on «Submit» on the keyboard and from the results you get, click on the result that identifies this page and which, in general, is the first one as shown in the attached image.

2.- Log into Facebook by entering the url: Another alternative to enter facebook is to correctly write the url that identifies this social network in the address bar, ie and then click on «Submit» from the keyboard and it will take them directly to the Facebook cover as you can see in the image.

How to join Facebook | Step 2

Once the previous step has been carried out, you will find yourself in the home page or in the portal of the social network Facebook and you will be able to see two boxes in the upper right corner which must be completed with what is requested and which are:

General view of the facebook cover and the arrow indicating the boxes to fill.
Boxes that must be completed.

Mail or phone: must correctly enter the email or phone with which they registered on Facebook.

Password: here they will write the password or key with which they registered or created an account on Facebook without making a mistake. They should not be confused by typing a password other than the Facebook registration password.

So to complete these two boxes, just click on the button that is at the bottom that says in white letters Submit.

With this action they will enter directly into their Facebook account and will be able to use it as they see fit, that's all.

Note | On the other hand, if you look at the access point you will see a blank square underneath followed by text saying Don't log out. This possibility is for those people who want to keep the email or phone and the written password every time they connect from that computer and so on, not write it every time they want to access Facebook and to do so, click on that square and it will be crossed out or marked.

This option is valid when the computer is for personal use and there is no risk of hacking. In my personal case, I prefer to write my data every time I log into Facebook.

If for any reason they have encountered any inconvenience or problem in this step, they can choose to recover their account by clicking on Forgot password? and on the page that opens, they must follow the required instructions.

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