How to activate dark mode in Telegram

How to activate dark mode in Telegram

In Telegram can activate dark mode or obscure the application interface, a resource that you have available in the mobile versions for iOS and Android and which can be enabled in a few steps and very quickly, as you can see now.

With this dark mode, what Telegram does is acquire a black color tone with legible typography so that it is comfortable to look at, it is ideal if you use the application at night because it helps to rest the eyes and you can activate it permanently or punctually.

In both Android and iOS, Telegram's dark mode is activated from the settings, although the path to reach that parameter is not the same, so we will indicate how it is done in both cases so that it is completely clear to you.

On Telegram for iOS

enable Telegram dark mode on your iPhone, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram/settings. Therefore go to «look».

  1. Activate the checkbox «night mode» and you will see how Telegram goes dark automatically and permanently, whether it is day or night, you will always have the same interface.

In any case, by entering the "automatic night mode" option you can choose whether you want night mode to be automatically enabled with the iOS operating system, to activate automatically at a certain time or even to activate only when the brightness level of the your environment detecting the iPhone is less than 20%.

On Telegram for Android

If you have Telegram installed on your Android phone, you can also activate dark mode by doing the following:

  1. Go to Telegram and click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes, then go to «settings». Then go to the «chat» option.

  1. Now you will have to choose between two options, a call » switch to night mode » which leaves the setting permanently active.

You can also activate the option «automatic night mode» which when activated, enables Telegram's dark interface with system settings.

On the Telegram web

La web version of Telegram, as well as Telegram WebZ and Telegram WebK also support night mode, you just have to open each of these versions in your browser and click on the three stripes icon at the top left and select «dark mode» to enable the dark colored interface.

As you may have seen, dark or night mode is available in all Telegram applications, so you will have no impediment to activate or deactivate it when you need it since it is an adjustable parameter that is inside the app configuration.

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