How to activate dark mode on TikTok

How to activate dark mode on TikTok

TikTok is the trendy app and the one that just achieved more than 1.000 million downloads, something very few apps can boast of, surely you have ever wondered how activate dark mode in the app since it is a visual setting that users really like, because we will tell you how can you do it.

Dark mode, as we said before, it's a visual adjustment that many users like, and because it completely changes the theme of the apps or our device. TikTok in dark mode does not have any major changes since it is an app where we constantly watch videos and therefore we can only notice the dark mode in the menus.

Turn on dark mode in TikTok and give the app a new look

turn on dark mode in the TikTok app you will have to go through the following steps, first of all you should know that we can only do it on iPhone, as it is not possible on Android.

  1. Enter the app and access your profile by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.
  2. Now you will need to click on three lines in the upper right area to access the TikTok menu.

  1. Click on "Settings and privacy".
  2. Look for the section «Contents and activities».
  3. Then click "Dark Mode".

  1. Finally switch from light mode to dark mode and now you can enjoy TikTok in dark mode.

As you could verify, this is a fairly simple operation that will only take a few seconds, like this you will be able to see TikTok in darker places or without light without hurting the eyes so much since that is one of the purposes of the dark mode, although it is also an aesthetic change and one that your users like more.

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