How to activate dark mode on YouTube LESS THAN 1 MINUTE

How to activate dark mode on YouTube LESS THAN 1 MINUTE

YouTube it is a very good page and it is a fact that 80% of the time we spend on the Internet is spent on this platform. And I don't know about you, but my eyesight suffers after a while. Those so white backgrounds take their toll, it would be great if the platform would add a dark mode to mode that you can rest your eyes. Well, don't worry, in this post we will see  how to turn on dark mode on youtube LESS THAN 1 MINUTE.

You'll see how simple it is to add this dark mode feature to YouTube, although I've said this before, you'll need to add a code to the console that I'll give you that's easy to install.

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What is YouTube dark mode?

Basically it is one new feature currently hidden and only applicable on Windows and Mac, that turns white backgrounds to black and thus rests your eyes. This is something that has been present in GPS and e-books for many years.

How to turn on YouTube dark mode on PC LESS THAN 1 MINUTE 2022

The first thing we will have to do for turn on dark mode on youtube is to access the web in question from our PC. UPDATE: this code non è more needed to activate the dark theme since the platform presents it by default, therefore you can skip the step of the codes and go to enable the mode as explained below.

  • We enter the platform

Once logged in, we will press the following keys simultaneously:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Maiusc + I
  • MAC: Alt + Cmd + I

If we have done it correctly, the console bar will appear at the bottom, as in the photo:

Turn on YouTube dark mode with this code

turn on youtube dark mode you will just need to copy and paste the following code into the console:

document.cookie = »VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE»

Now it will be so and hit enter.

Refresh your page to activate Youtube dark mode

If everything is correct, now your page will look different, you just have to go to your icon at the top right and see the new menu.

And we activate the dark mode of Youtube and… Done!

This is how our main page will look now, in this way our view will be more rested.

To deactivate the dark mode, we will only have to close the browser and enter the platform again.

Video How to activate dark mode on YouTube Updated 2022

Here you have a video in case it was not very clear to you.

How to Activate Dark Mode on YouTube Android and IOS Mobile Phones Quick and Easy 2022

Likewise we can enter dark theme from youtube application on mobile phones following the steps in the video below.

What do you think of this tutorial to activate dark mode on youtube?. I would appreciate a comment, I promise to answer. It is also very important that you share it to social media mobile button.

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