How to activate parental controls on TikTok quickly and easily

How to activate parental controls on TikTok quickly and easily

TikTok is an entertainment social network where people showcase their creativity in short clips that last just a few seconds. The truth is that it is very original and can be fun, however, it is more and more common to come across inappropriate content (if you don't believe me, I just invite you to use the application for 5 minutes and you will know what that means). That's why this app can become a real brain teaser for parents because they see that content no longer suitable for all audiences yes they insinuate between video and video. Fortunately, this social network has a feature called "Digital Detox" allowing filter inappropriate contentso it's sort of parental control that we will teach you how to activate, you just have to follow the steps in the following tutorial.

What is TikTok Digital Detox and what is it for?

It is an initiative of this social network that allows us to control the number of hours we use the application and of limit its inappropriate content. In this way we can do responsible use of TikTok establishing a maximum number of hours in which we can enjoy this social network and even filter inappropriate content thus establishing the parental control of the application.

How to activate parental controls on TikTok step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is access the official application, it will not be enough to access TikTok without the application, no, we must enter from the app. Once inside, we must enter our profile which is located at the bottom right (we will know what it is because it is called "I").

Once inside our profile we can edit it, change the photo, see the drafts of the videos we have and even add a YouTube account. However, the only section that interests us is «Settings» which is right there at the top right in the 3 vertical dots.

How to Enable Digital Detox on TikTok 2022

In "Settings and privacy" of the application we will have to scroll until we reach the called party "Digital Detox", once identified we enter inside.

Here we will have 2 options:

  1. Screen time management: set a limit of hours to use the application.
  2. Restricted Mode: filter inappropriate content.

From these 2 modes we will enter «Limited mode».

On the next screen we must activate the box that says «Enable restricted mode».

  1. On the next screen we have to establish one password to deactivate private mode.
  2. We say «Next».
  1. We enter again le 4 figures.
  2. Let's "Forward".

And voila, in this simple way we can use TikTok's restricted modeHowever, it should be noted that this parental control is in test mode, so you may still see many videos that are not suitable for all audiences but the application is compromised with improving the conditions of this service.


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