How to activate stealth mode in Telegram

How to activate stealth mode in Telegram

Telegram has many functions, one of them is really interesting for those users who want to have maximum privacy on networks and in this type of applications we are talking about the invisible mode, a mode that allows us to hide information from our contacts on the connection status of our app and you we'll show you how to activate it.

Telegram's stealth mode is a unique feature, as its rivals WhatsApp and Signal lack this feature. This function allows us to go unnoticed when we are connected to Telegram or while writing a message, so we will show you how to activate this mode.

Telegram stealth mode

We've mentioned the great utility of Telegram's stealth mode, but it comes with a few drawbacks, such as when we have this mode active you will not be able to see the connection status of the rest of your contacts, this means that you will not see the last connection time.

To activate the invisible mode of Telegram you will have to follow the steps that you will see below:

  1. The first thing will be to log into Telegram.
  2. Next we will go to the Telegram settings by pressing the icon "Menu".
  3. Now click on "Settings".

  1. Locate the option "Privacy and security".

  1. Now in the call option «The last lap and online» we measure.

  1. We will select the "None" option.

  1. A new window will appear indicating the changes that will have this option, among these we will be able to see that we will not see the connection status of any of them.

It is true that these options are very useful for give more privacy to the app, you will also have many more options that will allow you to further increase the privacy that is so precious on the net today.

In this way we will have turned on stealth mode and none of your contacts will be able to see when you are online or when we are writing a message to any of them or the activity that appears in Telegram.

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