How to activate WhatsApp

How to activate WhatsApp

Surely you want to remember how to activate WhatsApp, after taking a short walk through the rest of the messaging apps and realizing that, perhaps, Telegram or Signal do not meet your expectations and we don't really blame you for that; so if you're back to basics, let's walk you through how to get your favorite chats working again.

Sure, WhatsApp's privacy situation has caused thousands of users to flee in terror, but now that things have calmed down a bit many want to come back and it's been so long since they created their account that they want to remember how complete the installation process and we will explain it in a simple way.

The first thing you should take into consideration, even if it is too obvious, is that you must have reinstalled the WhatsApp app, upon opening one of the first steps that the platform will require is the verification of the number and the user, precisely the methods that we will explain below.

Activate WhatsApp automatically via SMS

This is undoubtedly the most used and most practical method to activate WhatsApp. L' app simply sends an SMS to your mobile phone using the number you registered in the beginning and the app itself will probably detect when the message arrives and automatically add the code.

Now we explain the method step by step:

  1. Download WhatsApp again from the Android or iOS app store.
  2. Please enter your phone number.

  1. Wait for the SMS with the six-digit code which will be loaded automatically, although you can also do it manually.

  1. At this point the backup and your contacts will be synchronized.

Call activation of your WhatsApp account

The second best-known alternative to activate WhatsApp on your mobile phone is via the verification by call. Once you fail to receive the SMS, the app allows you to request a call to dictate the security code, your mobile will ring automatically with an automated call and a robot will tell you a code which you must also write down on the screen.

The procedure is quite similar to the previous one:

  1. Install the app directly from the Google or Apple App Store.
  2. Add your phone number and you need to enter your country code as well.
  3. Wait a minute and then click on the «Call» option.

  1. By copying the six digits that the robot dictates to you, the installation of the backup copies and contacts will begin.

Activate WhatsApp without verification code

Now is the time for the more complicated things. If you are traveling or you don't have your SIM with you of your mobile, you will not be able to install the app and this is because the company itself indicates that it is necessary to use the verification code in order to verify which telephone number belongs to you.

The verification code won't come to you via email and you won't be able to receive it on a third party's phone, so there's no other way out.

However, we have found a method on the internet that some users claim works, although we were unsuccessful in our test. However, we leave you the steps so that you can try your luck.

  1. It all starts by reinstalling the app on your mobile from their respective app stores
  2. Now put your mobile in airplane mode and turn on WiFi connection without removing airplane mode from your phone
  3. Enter your phone number and at this point you clearly won't receive any SMS.
  4. Apparently it requires an alternative method which would be email and you have to add it there.
  5. They point out that you have to hit send and almost immediately hit «Cancel»
  6. They guarantee that you will receive the code that you need to copy on the screen, and once they are done, they will remove the airplane mode.

Receive a verification code without requesting it

This is one of the major WhatsApp scams and identity theft on this platform, because you will never receive a verification code from the messaging app by mistake or by accident, so if this happens the platform itself notifies you of an attempted registration of an account with your phone number

Maybe it's an error from a user who mistyped your number into the app, but it's also (and most likely) an attempt to steal your account, so you should avoid sharing this verification number you receive at all costs. with any person or by any means other than communication channel with WhatsApp.

The code scam on WhatsApp

In fact, it is one of most popular whatsapp scams today. Usually you can receive a verification code and a few seconds later you can receive a text from an "acquaintance" who has already been the victim of identity theft and who tells you that they mistakenly sent that code to your mobile so that you can provide it to him.

Another method that is happening is also receive a previous SMS from an unknown number indicating that they are texting you from WhatsApp and which require a security confirmation of your account, a few minutes later you will receive a security code that you have not requested and you must then send it in the same way to the phone number that first texted you.

In this way you will already be a victim of a scam, since WhatsApp does not contact its users in this way and there is no customer service management via SMS.

A more sophisticated method has been put into practice and it is that in the SMS you receive, it also carries a link that you must follow to verify your mobile and once you press they can proceed to verify your account somehow and then completely steal your identity in the platform and all your information.

However, you shouldn't worry. If you fell into the trap out of carelessness and ignorance, nothing happens. you just have to start the verification process again your account using your phone number and requesting the security code via SMS and we also recommend, in this case, that you activate the two-step verification function.

The steps for activate two-step verification of WhatsApp they are quite simple.

Is an additional security tool which you can manage from the settings menu and which allows you to configure an additional six-digit code to the one sent by the platform and in case you change your device and set up your account again, you must add it so you can complete the registration process.

We explain to you step by step how to do it:

  1. Access the Settings menu of the app,
  2. Select the Account option.
  3. In the third place of the options displayed is the Two-Step Verification, click on it.
  4. By choosing the activation option you will be asked to enter a six-digit PIN which will be requested regularly and when you make a new registration.
  5. Then you have to repeat it to confirm that it is the same combination of numbers.
  6. Then you need to add an email account that allows you to reset your PIN in case you forget it and thus your account isn't completely locked out.

Once you complete this step, WhatsApp two-step verification has been turned on for your account.

Activate WhatsApp with a fixed number

Believe it or not, you can activate WhatsApp with a landline number and for this you will have to use WhatsApp Business, because since this version of WhatsApp is intended to serve companies, it includes some differentiating features that will allow you to use, for example, a landline phone number.

The procedure is quite simple, you simply have to click on the option «use a different number» when the application automatically detects the mobile number that is on the device we use to configure the account.

When verifying the number, that's probably where inconvenience can occur, because WhatsApp automatically sends a verification SMS, so we will have to force the phone call as an authentication method of the telephone number.

Once the SMS has been sent, you have to wait a minute to be able to request the call, after which you have to press the call me button and at that moment we only need to have the mobile in hand to be able to press the six digits that the telephone announcement will indicate has contacted us.

From now on the landline number will be confirmed and you can use it normally, assign it as a number to send messages to your friends and clients, it's an interesting way to create a new communication channel for an office or small business without having to invest in sophisticated communication systems.

It is also possible to activate WhatsApp on two phones simultaneously using WhatsApp Web, which we have explained on other occasions.

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