How to add frames to your Facebook profile pictures

How to add frames to your Facebook profile pictures

Su Facebook we can customize almost all the items of ours Profile: cover image, description, likes, personal and academic information and we can also change our profile photo and we can also add a frame to our photo to make it more suggestive.

La Profile photo is the first thing every user of us sees on any social network, Facebook is one of them and we must always have a photo where we can say a lot but with little, one option is to add a frame to the photo and we will tell you how to do it.

Next we will show you in a few very simple steps how to edit the Facebook profile photo and add a frame at the same time, so that our photo is more attractive, because we have already shown you how we can put a frame on the Instagram profile photo.

Frames on your Facebook profile picture

add frames to our Facebook profile picture we will have to follow some very simple steps and in a few minutes we will have a much more suggestive profile photo:

  1. The first step will be to open Facebook on our computer or mobile phone.
  2. Then we will click on our name or photo to access our profile.

  1. We'll just have to click camera icon profile photo to be able to edit the photo.

  1. Now in the new window we will be able to select an existing photo, we will be able to upload another photo and we will be able to add a frame, which is what interests us, so we will click on «Add frame».

  1. Now we will have a long list of frames and a search engine to find many more frames, we choose a theme or, for example, a color and wait for the frames to load.

  1. If we click on a frame we can see a preview of what our new profile photo will look like, so we can know in advance what it will look like.
  2. The next step will be to click on «Use as profile picture».

  1. We can also make this frame temporary, since we can put a frame in favor of a cause, we can put the time period we want.

This is the easiest way to add a frame to our profile picture on Facebook and it will make our photos more amazing and original, which will make your contacts want to add frames to their photos.

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