How to archive your Instagram photos to hide them

How to archive your Instagram photos to hide them

Instagram has become one of the trendy social networks of the moment, and although it started many years ago, there are users who have a large number of photos or videos in their feed and they don't want to get rid of them, but they don't want to lose them, so the only way for to hide it is to archive the photos.

When we archive a photo or a video from our Instagram feed, we just hide it, in this way we could see it again whenever we want, but the rest of the users who follow us on Instagram will not be able to see it.

So, in the next article we'll show you how to archive feed posts and then hide the photos so that no one can see them. You just have to follow the steps that we will show you later.

Hide your Instagram photos by archiving them

As we have already said , the only way to hide the photos we have on Instagram is to delete them from the social network or archive them, the second option will be chosen, because if we archive them we can only see them when we want, Follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and find the photo you want to archive.
  2. Now click on the three dots at the top right.

  1. Click on "Archive" and after a few seconds your photo will be gone from your feed.

Where are the photos we store on Instagram?

The answer is simple, we will have to go to our Instagram profile to be able to see everything we store, then follow these steps to be able to see the photos and videos we store on Instagram:

  1. Access your profile by clicking on your photo icon located at the bottom right.

  1. Now click on three lines which are located at the top right.

  1. Select "File".

  1. Instagram Stories memories may appear in the next window, so you will need to click on the top and select «Posts archive».

This window will be where you will be able to see all the photos you have archived and that you can see whenever you want, because they will never disappear and you can send them back to your feed or delete them forever from Instagram.

This is the way we need to hide instagram photos by archiving them so that you know how to archive the photos so that no one can see them, since it will be the only way we will have to hide the photos that we do not want to be public.

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