How to avoid and remove a YouTube strike from third party content?

While the process of creating a Google Adsense account for YouTube can be complicated, staying on the platform is even more so. For this reason, through the following guide we will teach you how to avoid and remove a YouTube Strike from third party content.

Rules and warnings on YouTube

Like any social platform today, YouTube has its limits and prohibitions. It is a great platform to generate income when good coverage is achieved, but you have to take into account the above.

The platform became in the years more demanding, because as his fame increases, so does his audience and clearly the investment of those who want to advertise. 

That said, some criteria have been established that must be followed to the letter in order to use the platform as a content creator. This is where the so-called strikes appear, which are nothing more than alerts from the platform before a closure or a ban and this could be the reason why you receive notifications from YouTube in your email.

How to avoid and remove a YouTube strike from third party content?

In other words, strikes represent the failures that a content creator has had and is something that should be avoided at all costs. When a certain number of warnings are reached, the use of the platform to create content is prohibited, which means that you will not be able to make money through it.

How many warnings can I get on YouTube?

As we pointed out earlier, warnings represent failures that a user has made that result in punishment from the platform. Reaching a certain number of warnings will result in a total or partial ban by YouTube.

Il number maximum di warnings an account may have is 3, reaching this amount may lead to the suspension of the account. Over time, if these errors are not resolved, the account may be closed completely.

How to avoid and remove a YouTube strike from third party content?

The best way to avoid a strike is to follow YouTube's proposed regulations to the letter. For this it would be better read the terms and conditions of the platform, but by focusing on certain criteria you will certainly not have problems.

How to avoid and remove a YouTube strike from third party content?

Next, we'll point out some of the content you should avoid at all costs on YouTube if you don't want to get a warning.

  • Obscenity or bad language : YouTube does not tolerate the use of abusive language, so you cannot use any type of profanity.
  • Nudity: are strictly prohibited, so any sex scene, or one involving a full or partial nude, can lead to a strike.
  • Violence: a another topic that is usually a cause for strike, avoid at all costs to publish content considered violent. Videos of fights or other explicit violence are intolerable.
  • Using hack: the use of software for the purpose of increasing the reach or number of followers is strictly prohibited. In other words, using bots and other similar traps is something you should avoid.
  • Copyright (third party content):   Posting content not owned by you is prohibited, so posting videos or any other content that is not yours may be subject to a warning, so always try to download from copyright-free image banks.
  • Spam: So does it spam is something that is not frowned upon, so avoid at all costs the use of discriminatory links or any other content that could be considered spam.

What to do if you get a third-party content warning?

Unfortunately, removing a warning isn't that easy and even less so when it comes to third-party content. Sometimes it is useful delete the video directly failed. Other times, it could be due to a fake YouTube alert, in which case you can appeal the decision.

Either way, it is best to avoid strikes, this will clearly be achieved by following the rules to the letter. For this, read the terms and conditions and take into consideration the information shown above, you will not want to find a way to recover your deleted YouTube channel later.

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