How to Avoid Direct Instagram Ads - Don't be bothered anymore

Instagram is a social network that allows you to take or record and edit photos and videos for publish and share them with everyone or just with your friends and acquaintances if you wish.

Currently this platform has many new ones tools and functions, such as filters, emoticons, tags, gifs, music in instagram stories and fun effects to share and exchange with all your friends. All these features have made this social network one of the most popular and downloaded on the planet.

You can get Instagram in the application store of your smart device, in the Google «Google Play» platform if you have a device with an Android operating system or in the »App store» if you have an Apple device.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you will be able to enjoy all its features, functions or tools. With this social network you can create stories, publications and live videos about what you want.

What is an Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is an Instagram feature that allows its users to create a transmission in direct in so that their followers can see what they are doing.

The one thing that many have found a little annoying is that every time a user starts streaming a live video, the application will send a notifies to that user's followers.

If you are one of the Instagram users who are bothered by these notifications in this article we will teach you how deactivate them step by step.

How to disable Instagram Live notifications?

If your mobile operating system is iOS or Android, you can enable or disable notifications from any application if you wish.

Instagram has a button with a on and off switch which will allow you to enable or disable notifications.

Some applications will not allow you to deactivate or activate a specific notification, but Instagram allows you to have more control over the activities and you can turn the notification you want on or off.

To disable Instagram live notifications you have to follow the following steps:

The first step will be open the application Instagram on your mobile.

Then you will have to press the button "Profile", which is located in the lower right corner.

The second step will be to press the icon with three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner and when the menu is displayed you need to select the "Configuration" button.

How to Avoid Direct Instagram Ads - Don't be bothered anymore

Once you have found the "Settings" menu, the third step you will need to do is locate the button "Notifications" which will have a bell as an icon.

When in the "Notifications" menu, the fourth step will be to locate the "Live video and IGTV" button, once pressed, you will be able to turn off Instagram Live notifications.

How to Avoid Direct Instagram Ads - Don't be bothered anymore

Once all the steps are completed, Instagram live notifications will no longer be a problem. And don't worry, you will continue to receive notifications from this social network.

If you wish, you can receive other notifications from Instagram. Notifications like: new followers, messages and knowing if other users liked your posts.

In the settings menu and notifications tab, you can change and configure the notifications that you wish to receive at your convenience.

Extra, but important information.

One of the characteristics that perhaps for some people can get a little negative is that once turn off notifications of Instagram streams, you will not know if your favorite artists or users are broadcasting a live video unless you are inside the application and you are currently in use.

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