How to Avoid Instagram Scams - Avoid getting fooled easily

Social networks are very useful as they allow you to be connected with friends, family members and even to promote products. However, many of the users of these networks are vulnerable to scams by unscrupulous people who use these platforms to deceive. Therefore, in this post we will teach you how to avoid Instagram scams and avoid being deceived.

What are the most common scams on Instagram?

Instagram scams happen when unscrupulous people create fake accounts or hack your account or accounts you follow, to deceive you or your followers; in order to obtain personal data or money.

Here are some of the most common scams:

  1. In your Instagram account, you can receive messages or advertisements from people you don't know, asking you to send money or gift cards to help a sick person. Or they may ask you for money in exchange for awards or a job application.
  2. There are hackers posing as Instagram security personnel to obtain your personal data.
  3. This could be the case with people who ask you to follow conversations by means other than Instagram. Hence, these malicious people send you to a platform created to steal your personal information.
  4. One situation that has been used extensively and that has had great success with scammers is that of sending Instagram users contests and requests for prizes where they ask for personal information.
  5. Adults posing as children to attract the attention of children and young people who use this social network. It is one of the many dangers of social networks.
  6. There are also scammers (men and women) who claim to look for a partner or friends to trap lonely people. Therefore, they talk for weeks with the person they want to deceive to gain their trust.How to Avoid Instagram Scams - Avoid getting fooled easily
  7. Another widely used method is phishing. With this, the attacker clones a page, making the user believe that they are on the official page of a bank, for example. If you are more interested in the subject, find out what phishing is and how to prevent it.
  8. Fake profiles that send you an invitation or start following you to violate your security and thus obtain information from your profile.
  9. Fake news, when you click to read that news, it will immediately guide you to the sites controlled by cybercriminals.
  10. Scams involving bogus loans or investments are very common.

How to avoid scams on Instagram?

  1. If you detect a suspicious situation in your Instagram account (it can be a publication, a profile or an advertisement); do not respond and report the situation to Instagram immediately.
  2. Avoid transactions with people you don't know.
  3. Create and use strong and complex passwords. It is also advisable to change them regularly. Avoid using the same password in all online services and do not give your personal data to third parties.
  4. Never leave your Instagram account open on public PCs or on a friend's cell phone.
  5. Never pay anything upfront, because your money will be lost.
  6. Enable two-step authentication for Instagram. That way, even if an intruder has your username and password, they won't be able to log into your account.
  7. If you are going to use third party applications, make sure it is trustworthy and download it from a reputable site like Google Play.
  8. Check the use your children make of this social network.
  9. Avoid providing your personal data via links that arrive in the mail. How to Avoid Instagram Scams - Avoid getting fooled easily
  10. If you receive an offer on Instagram, search the Internet for information about the company or product.
  11. Never click right away. Think coldly and consult a friend.
  12. If you get a great money offer or a promotion from an acquaintance, contact him via SMS, call or video call to confirm that the proposal is indeed real and not from a scammer.
  13. Don't blindly rely on offers from free trials.
  14. Instagram will never ask you for further information that you entered when you signed up for this platform.
  15. Don't trust any offers or advertisements that look like business.

Be cautious and avoid falling into deceptive offers by people who use the Instagram platform to deceive innocent and unsuspecting people. Follow these tips and avoid Instagram scams.

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