How to avoid messages from strangers on Instagram

How to avoid messages from strangers on Instagram

The truth is that block strangers from sending us Instagram messages it's a cumbersome process, there is currently no button or setting that allows you to do this in regular accounts as some settings need to be turned on to precisely prevent someone we don't know from contacting us..

It's about trying to get people we don't know who they are to send us a private message. It is true that Instagram is working on an option that will allow us to block messages from people we don't follow.

What happens is that this possibility does not yet exist, at least in normal accounts, and this would be the fastest and most comfortable way for us to receive messages from strangers. Right now the best option is directly block the stranger who sends you messages or limit his account.

These are two interesting possibilities since more and more people notice that unknown people open their chats and in most cases they are chats with adult content, and that it is no longer junk or spam content that you can completely delete.

Now if you have a professional account, that option exists and you can block the entry of requests for private messages to people you do not follow and you can also activate the possibility that they cannot add you to groups.

convert a personal account into a professional one, you just have to go to settings/accounts and click on the option «change to professional account», you will have to follow the steps of the wizard and in a few seconds you will have another type of account in which you can check the messages.

In professional accounts: Message control

If you have one business or professional profile on Instagram, the social network allows you to check more private messages, both from people and from all messages when they put you in groups.

Block messages from people

The first option would be to block messages from unknown people. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Instagram and then to settings/privacy/messages.
  2. Time check the box «only from people you follow» in the "allow new message requests" section, so you won't receive requests from strangers, only from people you follow.

Block messages in groups

Lately you may also notice that unknown people put you in Instagram groups, so if you have a professional profile these would be the steps to follow:

  1. Once inside Instagram, go to settings/privacy/messages.
  2. There, in the "allow other people to add you to groups" section, activate the option "only people you follow", so no stranger can put you in a group and receive the messages that appear there.

On normal accounts: block users

The previous option doesn't exist in normal accounts or profiles, so you have to opt for a slightly more radical method. The most effective option is block profiles, all those unknown to you and for unknown reasons that you don't know why they message you. The bad thing is that you will have to do it profile by profile, there is no option to block those you don't follow.

Once someone is blocked, the person will not see your profile or be able to send you messages, that is, for that stranger you will not exist on Instagram. These would be the steps to follow:

  1. Open the direct message bar, in the case of iOS you have to click on the house icon and then at the top on the icon of a paper airplane, just the rightmost one. Once inside the DM tray, navigate to "requests" tab and there you access each chat to block the stranger.
  2. Finally, you will need to do click on the «i» icon and click on «Block account». If you don't want to enter the chat, swipe left on the conversation and tap "Block account".

Now, if what you prefer is for them to keep messaging you, but no notifications appear and they go straight to the request bar, then what you need to do is limit the profiles of those strangers. You will have to follow the same steps as above, but in the end you just have to click on «restrict».

They are the only possibilities most feasible for block strangers from messaging youNeither making your account private nor unfollowing those people will stop them from sending you content of any kind on Instagram.

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