How to avoid spoilers that appear on social networks?

How to avoid spoilers that appear on social networks?

Without a doubt, spoilers can be very annoying, as they usually damage the surprise of our programs or films. In this interconnected world, i SOCIAL MEDIA they are a space where there is occasionally the danger of spoilers.

Even so, there are some ways and measures to avoid them, as in the case of the points we will mention below.

How to avoid spoilers that appear on social networks?

Avoid Twitter spoilers

Twitter is one of the most interesting and prepared social platforms, it presents us with several options with which spoilers can be avoided. If you are tired of seeing spoilers within this social network, there are some measures you can put in place right away to avoid this big nuisance.

The option we are talking about is put a silence specific words in tweets, which causes the platform to hide all those terms they include in that list. This way, no posts, tweets, mentions and other content related to the term you have decided to silence will appear.

You can activate this feature as follows:

  1. You will need to log into your Twitter account and log in.
  2. Now you have to go to the "Settings and privacy" section and then to "Privacy and security".
  3. Among the many options available you will find a call "Silenced / Silenced Words". You just have to click on the "add" section and enter all those words you want to avoid, such as the name of that series, film or material from which you want to avoid spoilers.
  4. As you will see, there are several options, one of them allows you to hide the content only from the beginning, another is to hide all the content and the last one is to silence specific users. In turn, you can define the duration of this rule.

On the other hand, Twitter offers multiple customization options, a clear example is the lists. We recommend that you learn what they are and how to create lists on Twitter, as they will allow you to view specific content of your interest.

Avoid spoilers on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most important social platforms, it is used by millions of users and on it you can find very different content every day. However, this also encourages the proliferation of so-called spoiler, although there are some measures to avoid them.

Like Twitter, Facebook has an option to mute certain words, which works in much the same way as the previous platform. In any case, this option is not always available, so other precautions must also be taken into account, such as the one we will indicate below.

The most advisable thing is to recognize those users or pages that possibly show spoilers. Look for the publications of these pages or users at the beginning, then, all you have to do is press on the three dots that are at the top and right, here will the option "Hide temporarily" by clicking on it.

With the above process, it will hide all of this user's posts or pages for 30 days. The process is reversible and after the 30 days mentioned above, you will be able to review your publications, as you can imagine, this measure is a great option to avoid spoilers.

Finally, while not the most appropriate, you can also block comments on Facebook photos or images. Something that could help those unscrupulous people who want to spoil you.How to avoid spoilers that appear on social networks?

Stay away to avoid social spoilers

Although with the methods mentioned above, you can get rid of some of the annoying spoilers, the truth is that some applications don't have configuration options like the ones mentioned above, this is the case with Instagram or Tik Tok.

Unfortunately, there are no completely effective options to avoid spoilers, which is why if you want to avoid spoiling the surprise of that film, series or program, we recommend use social media in a moderate manner, trying to ignore any warning signs related to spoilers.

Ultimately, it would be better do not log in to your account at least for as long as you may be in danger of seeing spoilers. If you want to go further or if for some reason you want to temporarily deactivate a Facebook account, know that it is possible and it is a valid option.

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