How to backup my YouTube videos?

It's already possible to back up a playlist to YouTube, so this can theoretically be done too. It's a great tool if you have a video uploaded to YouTube that replaces an existing one by mistake.

Even with the best of intentions, hard drives can fail or we can fall into the routine of saving our stuff to the cloud.

Fortunately, any video file uploaded to YouTube in the past can be easily recovered from the channel owner, as the site keeps a copy of the uploaded content.

If you want to learn how to backup or backup your videos from YouTube, keep reading what I will teach you through this article.

Save your entire video collection

It was arranged di considerable number of videos or you want to copy more than two per hour, the best option is to back up your entire collection in one go.

Here's how we can make a backup or backup of your YouTube videos or of the whole account of the your channel YouTube:

  • First log into your account from gmail
  • Then you have to go to the following web page
  • Click on " NEXT «.
  • You have to select the file type.
  • Choose delivery method, download link by email or add to the unit.


How to backup my YouTube videos?

  • Select » add to unit «.
  • Click on «create file».
  • The following description will now appear in the window: «It may take some time before it is ready for download. Don't worry, we'll email you when it's ready. "
  • At the bottom it says "a file of your YouTube data is currently in preparation".
  • Click on " Manage files «.
  • Now select "Open in drive".
  • The next option you will choose is «From removal «.

If you click on » Takeout »You will have the YouTube folder and an index.html file. When you select on YouTube, you will have history and subscriptions, both with their options.

Important things

You need to make sure you have enough space on the hard drive computer to be able to download all files.

This type of service will only allow you to download your uploaded videos. You cannot download those videos that other users have posted.

The download processing time depends on the file size and connection speed Internet.

Google Takeout will allow you to download all the original videos, yes, only the videos uploaded to your channel.

Back up the new videos in Google Drive

Instead of backing up your own old youtube videos to Google Drive, you can also backup or backup your new YouTube videos to Google Drive.

How to backup my YouTube videos?

  • First open YouTube in a window of your favorite browser and go to the option » YouTube settings «.
  • Make a copy of the email identifier for your "Mobile Uploads".
  • Now go back to the Google Drive window and select the option » Share »And then the option« E-mail as attachment ».
  • In the form that appears, enter the email ID you copied earlier and click » Send «.

Now the Google Drive will automatically email the video directly to your YouTube account.

Depending on the size of the video, it may take some time for the video to appear in Video management, as YouTube must render the video.

Once displayed, you can edit the title, add description, tags and captions, among other options.

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