How to be a pilot or a pilot in DiDi? - DiDi requirements

But of course the first thing to do is to know the requirements. Which are necessary to satisfy them yes or yes. They can certainly seem a little stiff, but this is to ensure quality service, which benefits everyone in the long run.

How to be a pilot or a pilot in DiDi? - DiDi requirements

Different types of drivers

  • With own vehicle. What you need to be a driver with your car is to have a national ID. In addition to this, it is necessary to have a renewed driving license. In turn, something that is essential is to have the non-criminal registration letter that does not exceed three months. The card and the circulation of the car, its insurance with extensive coverage and up-to-date billing data.
  • Without vehicle. In case the vehicle is not yours, you will need to have an official ID. The driver's license as pictures, the CURP and the background letter which as we said above should not be more than 3 months.
  • Non-driver partner. In case you wish to be a non-driver member, all you need to present is your official identification. Your vehicle insurance policy, keep your billing information up to date and have a driver's license.

Once you have clarified all the above points. What you should do now is download the official application and register. For this you will have to add your phone number, then you will receive a verification code which you will have to enter and a password will be generated which you will have to save.

So you have to choose the city and the driver option that fits what you want to offer. You will also need to add your e-signature documents and digital seal certificate in the same app. Please note that depending on which option you choose when signing up, your earnings may vary.

Something you should keep in mind is that if you are registered as a driver and have several promoters, you need to complete all the information on your profile in order to withdraw money.

In turn, for those people who register as a driver with your own car, the money is transferred to the bank account you added during the automatic setup of your profile. If you are a non-driver member, the relevant money is transferred to your account.

How to be a pilot or a pilot in DiDi? - DiDi requirements

Being a chauffeur or driver at DIDI Which cars are accepted?

You must also bear in mind that not all cars are accepted on this platform. The conditions are quite strict, but as mentioned above, they are necessary in order to offer a top quality service.

  • The car you will use must be a model from 2012 onwards.
  • It must have at least 4 doors.
  • It is important that it does not have any kind of aesthetic mark. It must be flawless.
  • No decals of any kind are allowed, with the exception of companies.
  • The vehicle must accommodate four people in addition to the driver, according to DiDi rules.
  • In terms of comfort and safety, it is essential to have air conditioning, seat belts, private insurance, ABS brakes and airbags.

Remember that the better you treat your customers, the better advice and ratings you will get. Therefore, you need to be as careful as possible to generally offer a high quality service that will affect your earnings.

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