How to be a public figure or star on Instagram What are the requirements?

There are many social networks where it is easy to become a star or simply to be known by more people within the world platform. One such social network that has earned fame in recent years is Instagram, where we can share the photos we like so others can appreciate.

Of course, Instagram isn't just a likes network, the content on this platform is immense, based on the likes you provide to your account. By creating an account on Instagram, you have the opportunity to empower your business, as it is an application that fully supports marketing and entrepreneurship.

Being an application full of options that you can use to be recognized, here we will explain how to use it 100% and grow in this way. Therefore, if you want to become a recognized person, you should take advantage of these tools on Instagram, but first let's talk about their characteristics.

Main features and functions of Instagram

We can start by saying that the fact that it is a free application adds a lot of points to users who are always active on the platform. In this way, it facilitates that its users can share unlimited photos and videos during the day and thus offer entertainment for the other users you have as a follower.

A couple of years ago, with an update to Instagram version 9.0, the boom of stories began, where it is possible share photos and videos for 24 hours only. With these stories you can make your art known and if you do it several times a day you can become one of the most positioned accounts if you have enough visits.

The photos you post in Stories, even if they are deleted for people, are saved to a file for you, so you can share them again as a keepsake. A good point about the stories, and something that has caught users' attention, is that you can share stories only with a list of best friends.

How to be a public figure or star on Instagram What are the requirements?

A feature widely used by celebrities and public figures on Instagram is Instagram Live, where you can share videos in real time with people who follow you. In these videos in real time, people will be able to comment and, on the other hand, the broadcaster can select them to highlight them.

Among the other options and features offered by Instagram is to convert your regular account into a creator or business type account, where you will have other options. The difference between these 2 types of accounts is left by the same name, the company is the best for the business, while the creator is for artists or influencers.

How to be a public figure on Instagram? How to create the account?

First, you need to keep in mind that, as the name implies, a public figure is someone who has earned that position in front of others. To be successful on the Instagram platform, you must first devote yourself to create impact within a community of people, uploading content that attracts attention.

Once this is achieved, growth on the platform will be faster and it will also help you to have a professional account as soon as possible. To create this account, go to your profile and then select the option "Edit profile", where you will find the option "Switch to a professional account".

How to be a public figure or star on Instagram What are the requirements?

Once selected, in a new window, will appear the two options «Creator» e "Business", in your case choose the Creator option and follow the steps there. Among these will be the phase of choosing the information you want to present in your profile, which in this case would be "Public figure", once this is done, your profile will be configured.

Also, it is important that within the bio on your profile, you put truthful information, such as your name, some surprising phrases and even, insert links to show extras of your life.

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