How to become a "tiktoker"

How to become a

TikTok it has become one of the most downloaded and used social networks globally, it is also so popular and addictive that it has been blocked in some countries. Creating a TikTok account is very easy, but it's not like become a «tiktoker» because this requires a lot of perseverance and having the "spark" necessary to reach the top.

If you don't know what TikTok is, you might not be very fond of social networking, but we'll tell you anyway, TikTok is a video-based social networking, similar to Instagram, but we can upload video only up to one minute long, adding title, music, filters and descriptions.

Next, we will show you everything you need or must have to be a great «tiktoker» and succeed a little more in this social network so full of audiences, in addition to audiences of all ages, we must emphasize that TikTok will place a number of restrictions on the youngest audience, those under the age of 18.

Start with a common theme

Your start in TikTok will be the basis for continuing to upload videos to the app, always start by creating one or more themes but no more than 3 video types, so you focus on something you know you can keep.

Specialize so your followers know what you do, there are thousands of different tiktokers, but it's you who has to stand out and find a way, yes, surely the videos you upload can be made by someone else, but it's you who has to be original and look for the difference.

Complete your profile

For someone to know more about you, must see your full profile, name, username and a small bio with which your future followers can identify with you.

You can add a button to follow you on other social networks like Instagram and YouTube, you can also add a profile video instead of a photo, and thus be more original.

Interact with everyone

I like it , comments and followers are totally freeIt's also one of the best ways to support content creators across all platforms. Post comments, even if it's a simple emoji, but by that you are already leaving a small trail that can be followed.

Commenting is also the best way to connect with the rest of the tiktokers, in order to help each other, it is possible that a tiktoker with many followers can like your video thanks to the comments and thus get a little boost.

Pamper your audience, there are many ways to do it, when you have new followers, make video with greetings for them, make them feel good, make them feel that closeness across the screen and make sure they will be loyal to you.

Practice before uploading a video

Many TikTok videos are completely improvised like some jokes, but the most successful videos are practiced many times, you need to get the video to reach as many people as possible.

Uploading videos is very simple, but it's not that easy to be good at it, so any type of video you want to upload you need to practice, so that your followers see that you make an effort to upload great content to the app.

Attract your followers from other networks

If you have an account or channel on other social networks with a certain number of followers, you can encourage them to follow your TikTok account to get a handful more followers.

Rest assured that your friends will follow you and it's one of the best ways to start, since it is a free audience that will give you a little boost in your rise to fame on this popular social network and if they have an account, follow them too.

Use the best #hashtag in your videos

Find out which ones are the most used hashtags in the most popular videos, with this you will get your videos placed by TikTok's algorithm in places where they can reach more people.

Also, hashtags work as content filters, because when we click on a hashtag, all videos containing that hashtag are displayed directly and you will have more chances for your videos to appear in that section.

Upload daily videos

Il content you upload to TikTok marks your follower level, if you are constant and upload daily videos and as we said before, you must be original so that your audience has a reason to see you.

Also help yourself with live broadcasts, you can do it weekly to review how your week went in your tiktoker life and you can also add something from your real life so that your followers have something to talk about with you during the stream.

Above all, don't give up

Growing up in a social network is very difficult, because the top of the best tiktokers is already marked, but nobody forbids you from being in that top, the effort is rewarded and for this you have to make an effort.

At first you will upload and upload videos and you definitely won't see a growth in your account, but rest assured you will, and the more content you upload and it needs to be quality, the more options you have to increase your follower count like foam.

Now that you know all the tricks to be a great tiktoker, arm yourself with courage, patience and enthusiasm to start a new path in the trendy social network, TikTok.

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