How to block someone on Instagram Stories

How to block someone on Instagram Stories

Did you know there is an option on Instagram for block anyone from seeing your Instagram Stories? This way, the blocked user(s) won't be able to see any of your stories, but will still see the rest of the posts you keep uploading.

It is a privacy parameter, available in personal and business accounts. It's not really about blocking a person, it's about that the story will remain hidden and you won't know when we upload one because you have no way of knowing that's the case.

Therefore, that user will never feel like they have new stories because you blocked them, but you will still be able to see other posts. This is one of the many options you can enable to prevent them from seeing the Instagram Stories you upload, though it's not the only one.

In any case, you always have the option of creating best friend lists to share Instagram Stories with only certain people, it might be a more viable option at some point if you only want a couple of people to see your story, if there are many, the better option is to hide more people from view.

To do the latter, you must follow some very simple steps, which are the ones we will show you below:

  1. Open Instagram Stories and click on your profile picture, then you have to click on the icon with the three stripes that you see at the top and enter in the "settings" option give the menu check if you press.

  1. Then, go to privacy/history.
  2. Finally, click «hide story from» and there you will have to add the different profiles of the people you want to block so they don't see your Instagram stories.

In this case, you can add one or more people, as long as they're people you follow or just don't follow, but you have your profile open and they can see them. Adding people here hides the photos, videos and even live video that you upload to your profile.

This is a reversible action, that is, you can remove people from that list whenever you want so they can see your Instagram Stories again, although when they do they will surely have realized that you have done something by consulting it with a friend.

The blocked person gets no warning that Stories remain hidden for a particular profile, but if they suspect anything they can ask anyone attempting to see a particular user has uploaded content to Instagram Stories, if you can see it and you can't already get the idea that it has been blocked because there are symptoms that confirm it.

Block from Instagram Stories

If you can't find the profile you want to block, you can go directly for block someone from seeing the stories which you upload from now on. If you've uploaded one and it's still showing because it hasn't been 24 hours, you have the option to block from there.

For that, go to an Instagram Stories and swipe up to see people who have already seen it, then follow these steps:

  1. If by any chance there's someone in that list that you already don't want to see your upcoming Stories, you can block them by clicking on the three dots icon.

  1. Now choose the option «hide history».

Now, if you don't want anyone to keep seeing your instagram stories but you also don't want the rest of everything you upload, you will have no choice but to block the Instagram profile, this way you will disappear for that user and you will not appear in the search engine, although he will surely end up realizing that you have blocked him completely and not just from Stories.

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