How to broadcast live with Action! no delay on YouTube from PC

Social networks and digital platforms have been widely accepted until today, there is a exorbitant number of users who access entertainment web pages, to obtain or share information, meet people, communicate with friends, among others ..

There are several pages that provide what is needed to fulfill these purposes such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, the latter being one of the most visited, with a total of 200.000 million users and a large number of people accessing the page every day.

How to broadcast live with Action! no delay on YouTube from PC

What is Youtube for?

YouTube is a website dedicated to video sharing and which allows users to create their own audiovisual content within this platform, whether to share information, tell an anecdote, comment on a specific topic, share songs or simply create entertainment for the people through their own videos, content creators are called YouTuber

Having an idea of ​​how to create a YouTube account, you already have the possibility of having subscribers and to find out how to see the number of subscribers you have, go to your channel page and find the section that says subscribers.

There are several methods to increase the number of subscribers and views, there are even those who say that there is a possibility of win 1000 subscribers on YouTube being new to this platform.

How to create good YouTube content?

Normally people starting on YouTube tend to be confused by not knowing what content to do, on these occasions simply analyze the activities that you are good at, or that you like to do more.

From playing an instrument to being someone who plays a lot of video games, the latter is the most common video content of the Most existing YouTubers since it's something they like to do makes it easier for them and they tend to be more open to the public when recording game videos, explaining them or playing them.

Most YouTuber players prefer broadcast your own videos live, this is to generate greater credibility in viewers when they see the reactions of the YouTuber, since being live there is no way they can change any occasion that happens while it is being played.

The problem with this option is that the video when you start recording live it tends to work with a certain delay or a certain delay and a certain lack of coordination between what happens and what you hear.

To avoid these problems, it is good to use a good application that works quickly and without delays during live broadcast, an application that fulfills this function is Action! , which will allow you to stream your live videos smoothly and without lag.

How to broadcast live with Action! no delay on YouTube from PC

Steps to broadcast live with Action! no delay on YouTube

Action! is an application is one of the best and most advanced programs to record the screen, which allows you to record and broadcast your computer screen in real time with excellent video quality, if you want to start broadcasting live with Action! follow the directions below.

  • First you will need to download the program on the official Mirillis page, (note that it is paid, if you cannot buy it you can look for a free version)
  • After installing and opening the application you will have to open it and change the sound by entering the "Audio recording" section, select your microphone in the respective section and then click on » Always record »
  • Next, enter " Video recording »Where you will have to configure the volume of each option, (Please note that the sound of your microphone must always be above the internal sound of the PC)
  • When you have already configured the sound, go to the section Live, then select the broadcast mode and choose which area of ​​your screen you want to see
  • In the section of the serverURL, you will need to paste the address that YouTube gives you in the live streaming options
  • In the transmission code you will have to enter the same one you wrote on YouTube.

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