How to burn a DVD or music CD in mp3 format without programs

Music, for those who like to listen to it and get lost in their own thoughts while enjoying those relaxing melodies. Or if you like strong emotions and listening to loud music or if you prefer a good song to dance to or maybe you are a fan of music players with equalizer.

In any case, it is undeniable that music is part of our life and many people use it to express their feelings or to release stress. Without music, the world would be very different from what it is today and enjoying it is a luxury within everyone's reach.

There are many ways to listen to music and one of the most classic is through a device DVD o CD. However, not everyone knows how to record their own songs to enjoy them, so if that's the case, don't worry.

With this article we will show you how to burn DVD or CD quickly and easily without the need to download external programs, although you can also investigate which are the best programs for burning CDs or DVDs. Simply follow these steps that we will show you below and in a short time you will be able to record as many discs as you want.

What are DVDs or CDs?


How to burn a DVD or music CD in mp3 format without programs

Surely there are currently people who either do not know or are not clear about what DVDs or CDs are and the technology behind them. This is because today there are other simpler methods to enjoy your songs, so many have forgotten the discs.

So before we get into the explanation, we're going to explain a little bit about these great tools that have been with us for a long time. This way you will have the much clearer topic to better understand the guide that we will show you later in this article.

I DVD ei CD they are plastic optical discs created to easily record information in them using a computer burner. This technology was launched on the market in September 1996 and has since become popular around the world as an alternative to data backup.

One of the main differences between DVD and CD is the storage capacity since while DVDs can reach up to 14 GB, i CD they only reach up to 700 BM. As you can see, it is a very big difference that you have to take into consideration when choosing which disc to use to record your songs.

Of course there are more differences, but since you will be recording music, nothing will happen if you use either type to do it. The procedure is very simple, just follow our steps and in a short time you will be able record all the music you want on a DVD or CD. On the other hand, if you have a scratched disc and want to repair it, it's important that you learn how to clean and repair a scratched disc.

How to burn a DVD or CD from your PC?


How to burn a DVD or music CD in mp3 format without programs

The process of copying any type of information, be it video or audio images, is called recording to optical disc and the procedure is very simple. Simply follow our steps so that you don't have any problems in the procedure that we will show you below.

First of all it should be remembered that in order to record to disc your computer must have a DVD player. If you don't have a DVD player on your computer, you will have to look for one and there are good deals on external drives on eBay.

Step 1

The first thing you should do to record your music is to open the called application “Windows media player” and insert the disk you will use. Make sure you have an internet connection so that the app updates your music album information.

Step 2

Then in the section called "Bookshelf" within the application and click where it says “Record” to see the audio recording options. The next thing you should do is find the items you are going to burn to your disc and drag them to the list panel to record.

3 pass

Finally you just have to give it for to record once all the items have been added to the disk you inserted into your pc. And voila, if you've done everything right, you'll already have your music on your album when the process is done so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

And if you are an Ubuntu user you can also burn an audio CD in Linux without any problems thanks to our tips!

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