How to change admin URL in WordPress with WPS Hide Login Plugin?

Over the years, Internet users have come to realize the possibility that the information provided on it was not completely secure.

This issue ranges from email password privacy to login details for your bank account. Being WordPress a paid platform for acquire a web page, is not excluded from this risk curve.

It's a cumbersome, yet accessible process, such as removing copyright and footer credits in WordPress or even replacing the domain URL in the MySQL WordPress database.

Reasons why you should consider changing admin URL

While it's hard for some people to believe, there are more robots on the internet whose job it is scan web pages to find predefined paths.

One of the features of WordPress is the high degree of security it offers; however, it is a highly installed platform, making it easy prey.

In this way, a large number of hackers try to access any WordPress system, regardless of whether it receives many or few visits.

The problem with using your own page with the admin URL boils down to the fact that those who attempt to forcibly enter the web are highlighted the essential data to enter.

These include the URL you use as the website owner to log into your control panel and the certainty that your core platform is WordPress.

How to change admin URL in WordPress with WPS Hide Login Plugin?

Change admin URL in WordPress with WPS Hide Login plugin

If you already have experience with WordPress or this is your first time using it, you should know that user access is established in the same way, even if each user's domain is different from that of the others.

This file is called " wp-admin »And accompanies all URLs that are created on this platform, as it is the one that allows access to the web control panel.

Attention should be diverted from those bots that evaluate a large number of URLs daily, and the WPS Hide Login Plugin tool will help you achieve this.

Steps to follow

One of the characteristics of this extension is that it can be " downloaded " And " installed »Directly from WordPress plugin for free.

After carrying out these first steps, you need to access the section » settings »To start editing our URL. Unlike other systems, this plugin does not configure its options in its settings; conversely, the options that appear in this section are for editing WordPress information.

These options, two in number, are shown as " change the login URL "And the second as" change the redirect URL «.

How to change admin URL in WordPress with WPS Hide Login Plugin?

You have to keep in mind that changing the login changes the login for yourself too, so you have to remember this in order to log in next time.

When editing your new URL, you just need to click » save Changes »To finish hiding access and have a new level of security on your website.

What can I do if I don't remember the login I logged in?

In case after changing the admin URL in WordPress with the WPS Hide Login plugin you forgot about the change, there is an easy way to fix it.

The procedure to follow is to access " cPanel »Or to the control panel to locate the» File Manager »Regularly available.

After entering the WordPress plugins folder, select the file that has the name " wps-hide-login »To right-click and rename it, so that it stops taking effect and the login is applied by default.

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