How To Change Color And Size Of Texts On Snapchat - Easily

Changing the color and size of texts on Snapchat is one of the best features of this application. In the beginning Snapchat was created so that published photos were quickly destroyed, so that they did not stay permanently. What many do not know is that Facebook tried to buy this application, but the creators of the same did not accept the offer.

Many users today they use this application for its filters, has a lot of filters that definitely can't get in other social networks.

This social network maintains privacy because when sending a photograph if the other person somehow decides to take a screenshot at that moment the user receives the notification.

If you want share your experiences on Snapchat, Not only can you do it on your mobile, but you can also use Snapchat on your PC.

How To Change Color And Size Of Texts On Snapchat - Easily

Through this application you can also share your photos with your friends and they also have the ability to make video calls through it. Ultimately, what makes this app talk the most is that you can create effects on Snapchat.

However, here we will tell you how insert or change the size, color and position of the text on Snapchat.

How to change the font on Snapchat

If you want to change color, size, text, in Snapchat you need to learn how it works and change text. First of all we need to refer and know how to put text on an image Snapchat. Then, after taking the photo, you have to tap where you want to put the text on the screen and the keyboard automatically appears there for you to type.

To save you need to press the button above that says soon. This makes the text appear centered, small, white and with a transparent black background. All of this can be changed if you wish.

If you select one on the T key, it will change the size and font. In this case what it does is enlarge what you wrote, in fact it will be written as if it were a letter of 36 dimensions of a word. Likewise, it will have the font bold and bound on the left without the background described above.

Text type settings you should learn

The letters you use to add text in the Snapchat application can undergo any changes. Among these there is the type of text you want to write with, as well as the color and position.

In this sense, there are options so that the text you enter in the image appear more original and beautiful. You can find or put the letter in bold to make the text stand out or in italics to make it look original.

How to write in cursive

Under the color palette you will find other options, within them are italics. If you select this option, the text will be placed at a slight angle, which is what this option does.

How To Change Color And Size Of Texts On Snapchat - Easily

In this way is added a different style to the text written in the picture. Likewise, it is a way to highlight the text and make the publication attractive and interesting.

How to select bold

To put the letter in bold and then change the color, size, text, in Snapchat you have to follow a very simple option. It was explained earlier that the letter T that appears in the text editor is the one that allows you to edit everything related to the text.

In this sense, to put the text in a blacker and more highlighted color, that is, in bold, you have to press the letter T. This increases the size and highlighting of the text written and it looks a little more amazing.

Text orientation, centered, snap and right

Text orientation refers to the position of the text you want to write. As mentioned, when writing for the first time, the orientation will be centered but small. If it is then shown in the T, the text will appear in the lower left corner, with a large size.
If you want to center it again, you just have to tap the capital T again. The text will appear large and in the center of the screen. To keep moving the text to the sides, you just have to keep tapping the T until you find the perfect position you need.

Change the color of the letters

What people don't know is that Snapchat has a lot of tools, but if you don't know how to use it, we don't offer you the best performance for that reason it's important to know all its tricks. The first step is write text in the T icon, then select the color you want to use.

How To Change Color And Size Of Texts On Snapchat - Easily

The next step you need to do is press the word you want and agree to click select to highlight the words even more and so on you have to move the highlighter to the word you really want to highlight and change the color and of course proceed to choose the color you want change it. You can access various color options.

Each time you drag the highlighter you can change the color of a letter e even create a rainbow with all the colors of your text. You can drag your finger and with the cheerful color palette you can choose the color you want. Likewise for better creations you have to apply creativity.

To change the color of the letters you just have to look the rainbow bar which is under the T. You just have to put your finger on one of the colors or swipe up or down to get to a particular color.
When you've found the color you like best for the letters, simply remove your finger from the bar. You can go back and change the colors whenever you want as it is an editable option.

Size and position of letters on Snapchat

In this world of communication that Snapchat offers, it offers many tools, but you have to learn how to use them well, among these tools there is text insertion, but basically we all want to change them to a size to our preference, there are many options.

Although for many it is a bit boring or difficult, we must follow the necessary steps to learn. The first thing you should do is access option T and the your keyboard will open and proceed to enter the text you want, at the end of this action you are ready to save what you have written. The next step is to position with your thumb to raise or lower it wherever you want.

And to change its size you have to basically apply the simplest method which is to use your fingers to zoom in or out to change its size as desired.

This way you will have the ideal shape for yours texts on Snapchat creatively, fun, quick and easy. Once you learn the basic options like text editing, you can learn how to include emojis in this application as well.

What should I do if I don't see the texts on Snapchat?

If the letters are not visible, it means that the background color of the text matches the color of the letters. In this sense, since they are both the same color, neither will stand out and practically both will merge. So what you need to do is change one of two things. To do this, you need to follow in detail the steps to change the color of the letters.

How To Change Color And Size Of Texts On Snapchat - Easily

How to put a Snap in black

This means that the background of the published snap is black. To do this, you just have to choose the option to change the background and look in the palette on the far left for the black color. Once located, the color of the background on which the publication is made will be changed.

Remember that if you use the black background, you need to make changes to the color of the letter as well. Well, if these are left in black, there will be no overlap of colors, so since they are both black, you will see absolutely nothing. And we will publish a completely black story. Therefore, it is best to use a contrasting color such as white, yellow, orange or some other bright and striking color.

Drawings on Snapchat

The most important thing is to be in the preview of your Snapchat account and you have to click on the pencil and you can do line drawings or just scribbles which don't make much sense but you can use it any way you need.

I proceeded to draw with your finger, if it is not to your liking, all you have to do is click on cancel. If you want to change the size of the pencil you can do it with your fingers by doing Zoom.

Among the many wishes we want in social networks on Snapchat, you can also upload photos from your gallery to Android or iPhone and then you can enter the text and edit it as you really want. More applications are created every day for our entertainment or communication.

Due to the growth of technology, there are also other applications such as Snapchat, which may vary in their features or with more functions, you decide. which application meets your expectations.

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