How to change iPhone app icon and name without jailbreak

Let's talk a little more about iCustom. This is application iOS participation which allows you to change application icons to custom icons quickly and easily. Below we will explain step by step how to do it. You need to have certain apps to change the app icon.

Steps to change an application icon using iCustom

How to change iPhone app icon and name without jailbreak

Before explaining how to do it, we want to give you some advice: first download the icon you want to insert in the applications, so that when the time to change it, the images will already be on your reel.

Step 1

Enter Safari and place the iCustom link in the search engine, after entering the main page, a button called “Star Now”, you have to press it.

Step 2

If you scroll down you will be able to reach an option to choose the type of application, this is a filter so that in the next step you can easily reach the application where you want change the icon and you can choose between downloaded applications and native applications.

3 pass

After choosing the type of application, in the option located below, you need to choose the specific application you want to customize.

4 pass

In this step you have to choose the image or photograph that will be placed as an icon. It can be searched via a URL or its reel, so press the "Select File" option and then "Select Existing" to choose the icon from your reel.

5 pass

After the image has been chosen, if scroll down a bit you will find the “Let's Go” button, you have to press it.

6 pass

Now a box will be loaded at the top of the screen, when the loading is complete press the button "Open PopUp", a new page will automatically open in Safari.

7 pass

The Safari page will direct you to the application of your choice, tap the button at the bottom and right in the center of the screen to add this page to the home.

8 pass

Now you just have to give the icon a name and press the button "Add" And that's it. When you press the newly created icon, the application will open with its new icon.

Steps to Rename Apps on iPhone

How to change iPhone app icon and name without jailbreak

Unfortunately it is not possible to do this if yours iPhone doesn't have Cydia and to have Cydia you need to do a Jailbreak. In case your mobile has been rooted, we will leave you the steps to do it.

We recommend that you do not root if you are unsure how to do so as you may lose your mobile phone completely, so we recommend that you ask for help or take it to a technician who has more knowledge of it.

Step 1

Open Cydia or the installer you downloaded on your mobile. Then open the section "Utility" and install the application called "Rename".

Step 2

When the application opens, locate the App you want rename and press on, a window will appear in which the new application name must be entered.

3 pass

After changing the name, press the option "Rename" and therefore upon exiting the application, the name of the App will have been changed.

Although the customization options are limited, thanks to applications like the ones mentioned above, it is possible to make our iPhones a little more original.

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