How to change Minecraft tiles and put custom tiles?

How to make a painting in Minecraft?

To answer the question about How to change Minecraft frames and insert custom frames ?, you must first know how to make a frame or a frame in minecraft. This is one of the easiest items to make in the game and you will only need: eight wooden sticks and a piece of wool of any color (this coloring will not affect the painting)

Sticks can be created by cutting wood, refining it and then placing two vertically on a construction table, and wool by killing sheep or shearing them with scissors. When you have both, you will need to place them in a specific way on the table of construction that is: the wool all over the center and the eight sticks that surround it.

How to change Minecraft tiles and put custom tiles?


With that you will have your own painting (he will only give you one, repeat the process if you want more), you can place it by placing it in your hand and pressing the action button.

Change the Minecraft tiles and put in the custom tiles

Now that you know how to make your own tiles easily and simply, it's time to answer the original question of How to change Minecraft tiles and put custom tiles? If you want to achieve this, there are several ways you can continue depending on which version you have, so today you will have two examples of how to do the process.

To do the first, you need to go to Windows startup and open the box to run, inside the% appdata% location. This action will take you to the folders section on your PC, select there “.Minecraft”. Within this folder now choose " Versions “, And choose the version of the game you want to add the box to by right clicking and then pressing the button "Open with Winrar".

Once you are in the section, look for the folder called " Resources ", so " Weft " and finally " Paintings ". In this you will find a PNG file that you need to take from there and place on your desktop. This file is what you need to edit to have your custom painting, you will notice the game paintings and some purple paintings appear in it.

Editing has to be done on your own with any editing program like Painting or Photoshop. All you have to do is replace the images in the frames and change them to your own. When done, paste the image back into the folder and that's it.

How to change Minecraft tiles and put custom tiles?


You will have to try different frames within the game until you find the one you want, but this shouldn't take time.

Second way to reach the goal

To finish answering the question How to change Minecraft frames and put custom frames ?, you need to learn how to do the other process.

First go back to % Appdata%, look for the “Roaming” folder (if you can't find it directly, search for it by name in the search bar). While roaming, go over the folder “Minecraft.jar” e decompress with Winrar.

Now you will get several folders, open the one called " Art “, Here open a file called “Kz.png”, portal on the desktop. This file will be the same as the previous one with the purple paintings and images, edit it as you like with any image editor (you can find the best Adobe Photoshop or paint alternative, if you want to use a better editor) and put it back in the folder. So just try in the game by placing the squares and voila.

It should be noted that there is also one or the other mod that allows you to customize frames, however it is better to do this since it is raised here, but in case you want to install mod in minecraft on Windows 10 PC, MAC, Android and iPhone , you already know you can do it.

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