How to change my age or date of birth on my Badoo profile without creating a new account

What is Badoo and what is it used for?

Like any social network, Badoo is an interactive application where you can find people from all over the world with whom start a friendly conversation with them; It is available in nearly 200 countries and has more than 40 different languages.

It is another social network that it is usually used for appointments. These can be online or, once a conversation is established, face-to-face with the goal of seeking a love affair. However, it can also be used to find friends of all kinds and create emotional bonds through texting.

This is one of the many applications used to find a partner and has many configurations for this purpose. You will be able to host your profile with certain characteristics and you will be connected to other people with similar characteristics o according to their tastes.

How to change my age or date of birth on my Badoo profile without creating a new account

It is also possible to configure security in this type of social network. In fact, there is an option in which you cannot receive messages from unverified profiles and the risk of relating to that user is less. It is recommended in any case not to provide personal data of any kind to those who do not want or have not felt the necessary trust.

What is a verified profile on Badoo?

As already mentioned, it is any social network in which communication is established through a messaging system, at first, and this can involve many risks, since those conversations take place between profiles that are simply unknown to those on the other side. the screen.

The application gives space to create a user with false personal information and it also gives space for those users to reach others who do not know their reality and, if so, it would pose a huge danger.

This is why you have to be very careful when interacting; It is recommended to search in the social network settings for establish the limits of the profiles with malicious intentions, profiles that may not be verified, for example.

There are so-called verified profiles, that is, accounts whose personal users have confirmed their identity. Also, there are accounts whose owners are not who their profile appears to be, and it may be that whoever is on the other side of the screen is a completely different age than what their profile says, or even, who is not. the sex they claim to be; therefore Badoo can lend itself to many difficult situations.

This does not mean that verified profiles cannot have bad intentions, we must remember that we are in an increasingly twisted world where the cases in which a girl is kidnapped for having provided personal information on social networks increase.

How do I change my age or date of birth on Badoo?

Perhaps the question of how change your age in the Badoo profile it came to your mind due to the above. And it may be the case that a person has entered their data incorrectly and inadvertently logged into the application. Not everything has to be for cruel reasons to change identities to do something illegal.

How to change my age or date of birth on my Badoo profile without creating a new account

If so, we will tell you how to change the data you entered incorrectly. It's so simple you won't believe it and wonder why you didn't do it before searching the internet for it.

The truth is that you just have to enter your account, then go to your profile where you will have the button for the tool for modify personal information. So you keep providing it in the section "age" and make the correction to establish your true data. In the end, save I modified it and will be corrected.

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