How to change the at sign of my twitter

How to change the at sign of my twitter

In general, when opening a Twitter account, you don't pay much attention to certain things in the registration process, such as the username or even known, such as the at symbol. However, and over time, there are many people who want to modify or change their username or the at sign (@) for a more appropriate or attractive one based on personal criteria or tastes and for this we have prepared a guide with the procedure that data subjects should carry out, when they want know how to change the @ of my Twitter from mobile or PC without problems or inconveniences.

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How to change the at sign of my Twitter site | Step 1

Logically, the first step is to enter the Twitter home page accordingly and for this you can use the search or enter the URL in your browser to access Twitter or click on the App icon installed on your mobile.

Once on the front page of Twitter, therefore, they must start the session with their respective access data. That is, the email, the phone or the respective username and password to then click on the button «Log in» and then they can access their Twitter account.

How to change the at sign of my Twitter site | Step 2

With the previous click to enter Twitter, they will appear in the timeline of your Twitter account and then now, they will have to click on their profile icon, labeled «Profile and settings» which you will find at the top of the page on the right (if they are on a desktop) and with it, a menu will appear and then here, they will click on the option «Settings and privacy«.

How to change the at sign of my Twitter site | Step 3

Next, open the arrival in the section «Account» of your Twitter and here simply, you must remove or remove the username that appears in the first box and then, without making a mistake, enter the name you want to have as a Twitter user.

Once they've successfully added their username, they'll click the blue button that says «Save Changes» and located at the bottom of this account section.

Having made the previous click, a small central window will appear where they are asked to write your Twitter password in the respective field or box and after doing this, they must click on the button «Save Changes» to certify that it was a conscious and deliberate action on your part.

Hey! With the previous procedure done, they could change their Twitter sign or username from a web version and without major problems or inconvenience. Now it's time to explain how you can change the at sign from a mobile phone.

How to change the at sign of my mobile phone Twitter

To be able to change the Twitter sign from a mobile (iOS or Android), surely, they must open the Twitter app and log in as they usually do and then they will reach your Twitter timeline, so here they will go to the section "Configuration" and privacy » and in this section, they will have to click on the option «Account «.

In the new information that appears in this section, they must click on the option » Username» so that in this way they can write the at sign or the username they want to have on Twitter in the box that can be seen and which says: precisely «Username«.

Note no. 1 | If the username you enter is busy, Twitter will warn you about it and you will not be able to register it but yes, you can write another one that is not busy and therefore be able to change your Twitter sign.

Finally, when they have written the username they want to have on Twitter, they will click on «Done» so that the desired change is saved and the procedure ends with it.

This is the whole procedure that needs to be done when you are wondering how to change my @ on my twitter from your mobile or pc without getting lost or dying trying.

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