How to change the color of emojis in WhatsApp

How to change the color of emojis in WhatsApp

WhatsApp supports emojis since its inception and although they are one of the best ways we have to express ourselves, there are so many that we can do it with each of them, but we can also be much more personal and we can change their color, in the following article we will tell you We will teach you how to do it.

Some time ago WhatsApp allowed us to change the color of any emoji that we insert in the photos and the statuses to animate them, but this only happened with the old version of the emojis, the flat ones with little design, but we can no longer do this. Next, we'll show you how we can do this with the new emojis.

We already know that in the next version of Android, Android 12, thousands of new emojis will arrive with which we will be able to express our feelings or tastes even more, in addition to many of them we will also be able to change their color or race.

Change the color of an emoji by choosing its race

Currently whatsapp emojis have a lot of details and characteristics that differentiate them very well from each other, but what differentiates emojis the most is race, in those emojis of people, gestures, faces and hands we can change their race to be more specific. We will teach you how to do it.

  1. The first thing we will have to do is open WhatsApp and open any chat.
  2. Now we will open the keyboard and click emoji icon.

  1. Then a we look for the emoji whose color we want to change choosing his race and for this we will have to leave the emoji pressed.
  2. A bar with different races will appear and colors and we can choose the one we want.

  1. Once selected, will appear directly in the text bar of the chat and we can send it to whoever we want.

You should know that all emojis that allow us to change color or breed have a small arrow in the lower right part of each of them, so that you can identify those that allow modification.

Use stickers instead

WhatsApp allows us from time to add stickers, we can also make our own stickers, so if we want to send an emoji that can't be changed in color, surely there is a pack of stickers where stickers for whatsapp they are colourful then you can send it to whoever you want.

Over to the Google keyboard, Gboard has an interesting feature called «emoji kitchen» with which we can create mixes of emojis in the form of stickers. To get to know all the potential that «kitchen emoji» has, we will show you some screenshots of all the stickers that we can create.

This is the way we have so far to be able to change whatsapp emoji colors, which in this case is to change their race or, as a last resort, we can use stickers, since there are hundreds of packs we can communicate with.

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