How to change the language on Instagram

How to change the language on Instagram

Certainly, one of the things that can be most painful when using an Internet service is that it is simply in another language that is unknown or very little is known, thus hindering the use of that particular service. Well, this little problem can also be had on Instagram and there are not a few users who wonder how do you change the language on instagram? and here at Practical Resources we want to help all those who have this inconvenience, whether they use Instagram on Android, iOS, Windows Phone or from the browser with this, they will be able to change the language of Instagram and not die trying …

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How to change the language on Instagram | initial clarification

First, 2 things should be clarified regarding the language in which Instagram appears:

  • The language in which Instagram appears is the same as the configuration of the mobile device on which Instagram is used. In other words, if your mobile settings are in English, Instagram will appear in English, but don't worry… this one has a solution.
  • On the other hand, it should be noted that the Instagram version 3.4.0 is available in 34 languages ​​including -obviously- our language » Italian » as well as English, French, German, Portuguese among other options as well as to be able to use Instagram in one of these options and surely new languages ​​will appear over time to use Instagram.

Having said and clarified these points, I leave you the changes you need to make to change the language of Instagram from Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the web browser.

  • How to change the language on Instagram on Android

If you use Instagram on Android then, you must first go to the section Settings of your phone or tablet and press or tap «Language and keyboard» then now, you can choose from the list of languages ​​that are displayed, the one they are interested in having on Instagram. Once the selection is done, the new configuration will be saved and then -when Instagram opens-, voilà! it should be in the language they chose, that's all.

  • How to change the language on Instagram on iOS

Now, anyone using Instagram on iOS needs to do something very similar to how someone using Android would change it from their iPhone or iPad, which is to tap or press Settings and then touch or press the following path General > International > Language and here you can choose the language that Instagram deems convenient to have, and of course the changes will be saved. So now you can check that you were able to change the language on Instagram by simply opening the Instagram app.

  • How to change the language on Instagram on Windows Phone

For Windows Phone users, they will need to press or tap the button Home which is located at the bottom center of your Smartphone and then swipe your fingertip to the left and then scroll down and tap or press the option Settings so now they will have to follow this path by tapping or pressing Language and region > Phone language and here they will be able to select the language they want to be able to use Instagram, save it and then check that they have been able to change the language in Instagram correctly opening the app to see if everything is fine.

  • How to change the language on Instagram from PC

Finally, for all those who use this service from a browser and want, for some reason, change the language of Instagram, they should then go to the bottom of the Instagram page and find the option that says Language, click on it and from the drop-down window, the desired language will be searched and when they find it, they will click on it and the language will be changed automatically, it's very simple.

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