How to change the navigation bar on my Huawei Android phone?

Furthermore, we can activate multitasking or split screen on Huawei phones to use two Apps at the same time; also to activate the light or the flash of notifications on Huawei Android phones if we want to be aware of an important news. The fact is that, over time, we get used to those interfaces, their button layout, their menu, and even their colors.

Habits  they are in all aspects of our life, the same is true when we use our Huawei; because we get used to the applications we use frequently. So when they change the look of something, it makes us feel a little uncomfortable.

Today we will talk in this post, if there is a quick and easy way to change the aforementioned navigation bar. So we invite you to find out how to do it through this post.

Steps to change the navigation bar on Huawei

Having your mobile device at your fingertips you can locate yourself on the screen where you have different icons; probably the main screen and make sure that the settings button is present. As you know, from here you can check a lot of things about your Huawei Android, then when you click on this option, a tab will appear with several editing alternatives.

How to change the navigation bar on my Huawei Android phone?

Find and select the option "Smart assistance" and when you enter this menu go to the first button that says "Navigation bar" and click on it. Upon entering you will be able to observe different configurations of the navigation buttons.

You will see the figure of the triangle, square and circle with different options to change their position. On your Huawei Android phone, by default, the keypad you will find there is activated.

Can I wear the style I want?

Of course yes. If you are one of those who have used a Samsung, Xiaomi or others with this particular style, choose option number two. When you do this, you will see that the bar at the bottom automatically changes to the alternative you have chosen.

Your Huawei Android mobile also gives you the opportunity to add another button which will allow you to see all the notifications we have. This can be very useful actually.

Of course, everything will depend on the taste of each person. There are those who prefer to keep its three buttons because it is the most common alternative seen in every phone.

Ma for those who love the different then there are new options at your fingertips to better organize yourself. What really matters here is that we feel comfortable and comfortable with our Huawei mobile phone configuration bar.

How to change the navigation bar on my Huawei Android phone?

What functions do the three main buttons on the navigation bar offer?

The circular figure will allow you to quickly scroll to the main screen. You will also have the crafts triangular (back key) with which you can return to the previous page or exit an application.

If you are entering text, you can close the keyboard by pressing it. With the square digit (Recent key) you will see the list of recently used applications. Holding it down activates the split screen.

The other option we talked about before is to add another button that comes in the form of two parallel lines and a down arrow (notification key scroll down) with which you can open the notifications panel that come to you.

In our opinion, changing the virtual navigation bar settings on the Huawei Android phone is very simple. We hope this is the case for you as well when you try to apply this option. We'd love to hear what you think of this post and that's why we invite you to give us yours comment.

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