How to change WhatsApp icon color quickly and easily

How to change WhatsApp icon color quickly and easily

One of the things I like most about the Android operating system is the huge customization possibilities it offers. Indeed, in The Power Of The Green Android we have already made tutorials in which we teach you how to add a Santa hat to your WhatsApp icon, put a moving Christmas tree wallpaper or install custom themes on a Samsung mobile. Today however we will do a tutorial that many of you have asked us and today you will learn a makeup for change whatsapp icon color fast and easy 2022.

Can you change the color of the WhatsApp icon?

It doesn't really exist an application to change the color of the WhatsApp iconHowever, if you have an Android mobile there is a trick with which you can change the icon of direct access to this messaging client and then change its color.

Scarica Nova Launcher free 2022

Nova Launcher is an Android application that allows you to completely customize your phone, from icons, wallpapers, sounds, etc. It is precisely this app that we will use to change the color of the WhatsApp icon. You can download Nova Launcher directly from the Play Store from the following link.

Download whatsapp icon in another color 2022

The next step will be download the WhatsApp icon of a different color, you can find them directly in Google Images or simply choose one of the ones I show you below.

How to set a different color for whatsapp icon step by step 2022

The first thing we should do the first time that we install Nova Launcher is to choose it as «Always» in so that our smartphone takes it as a reference and our smartphone is personalized by this app.

The next thing will be to create a WhatsApp link, once done we will have to leave it pressed for a few seconds and select «Edit».

On the next screen we will select the icon.

A screen will open where we will have to select the theme «Applications».

This will take us to a screen where we will have to choose our favorite photo gallery.

The next step will be choose the WhatsApp icon of another color which we previously downloaded.

How to change whatsapp icon color in android fast and easy 2022

  1. In this section we will frame the icon so that it fits around the edges as much as possible.
  2. Once it is to our liking we give «Done».

Let's give it again "Done" to apply the changes.

Remember that to keep the changes you must always use Nova Launcher and direct access to the application. Don't forget that if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to solve it as soon as possible. As I always say, you have the different social media buttons at your disposal to share this content, thank you very much for everything!

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