How to change your name in Telegram quickly and easily

How to change your name in Telegram quickly and easily

Know change the name to Telegram it is a resource that every user should know since it will allow you to find people without a phone number as well as locate them more easily. And that is precisely the reason that brought you to this Green Android tutorial, because you want to know how change the alias to Telegram, because in this simple article you will learn how to do it step by step.

Can you change your name on Telegram?

As we said in the previous section, not only can it be, but it is also very useful for finding any user. Furthermore, changing the nickname to Telegram, it will allow other people to find us more easily without having to give our phone number.

How to change my name in Telegram step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is enter the official application and select the 3 horizontal lines at the top left.

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This action will display a menu on the left with several options, well, of all of them, the only one that helps us is "Settings", let's go inside.

On the next screen we have to select the section that says "Username".

How to Change Alias ​​in Telegram Quick and Easy 2022

This screen is where we can change our nickname in this messaging client, we just have to follow these steps:

  1. We select a nickname that is available, remember you can use from «A» and «Z» e da 0-9, also underscores and must have at least 5 characters.
  2. Once an available alias has been selected, we will give the «V» to validate that it is located at the top right.

It should also be noted that a Custom URL with the nickname we have chosen, in this way we can send it to our friends to start a chat conversation with us.

If you have any questions you can always express yourself in the comments and don't forget to share this article with your social networks to help other people.. Thank you so much for everything!

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