How to change your name on Tinder

How to change your name on Tinder

There are not a few people who, when creating an account on Tinder, get their name wrong in this application to meet people and flirt or, and over time, the name by which they make themselves known is not liked or acted to the detriment and for these reasons, many want to change it for something better but die trying… Well, at Practical we have prepared this guide: how to change name on tinder with or without facebook (App – Web) which tells you, a valid solution for those who use the TInder mobile App as well as its web version and another solution, for those who have linked their Tinder account to their Facebook account and therefore can sign out of this little big problem in Tinder.

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How To Change Your Name On Tinder Without Facebook [App - Web]

If you use the application or the web version of Tinder and want to change your name, you should know that unfortunately this option to change the username cannot be done in the Tinder app as well as in the web version of Tinder (PC or computer). ).

However, there is a rather interesting palliative solution to consider in this case that we tell you below. If they want -yes or yes- to have a new username in Tinder, they will be able to perfectly delete the Tinder account they have and after that create a new Tinder account with the username they want to have and thus they will be able to resolve this mess on Tinder.

Note No. 1: By the way, you should know that all the conversations or matches that you managed to have on Tinder will disappear forever when you delete your Tinder account and if you are determined to do it to have a new name, it can choose to communicate with those people with whom had a meeting and ask them, in a positive way, for some social networks or WhatsApp so as not to lose them in this operation.

Once you've made up your mind and taken precautions not to lose the contacts you've established on Tinder, you'll need to open Tinder and tap or click profile icon that appears at the top of the screen.

So now they should go up Settings I press the dice icon.

Finally, in the Tinder Settings section, they will scroll down and click Delete account and they will confirm the action.

By deleting that Tinder account, they will be able to create a new Tinder account again without any problems, and in doing so, they must enter the username they wish to have so that they can be known by the name they wish in that new Tinder account they made. This is the only possible solution to have a new name on Tinder, by deleting and creating a new account.

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How to change your name on Tinder with Facebook

Now, and in the event that they have created an account on Tinder by connecting their Facebook account, they can -in fact- change the username with which they make themselves known on Tinder and for this they will have to modify or change their name on Facebook. Having said that and clarified: let's get to this!

The first step is to enter your Facebook account with the respective access data and after this, reach the Timeline of your Facebook profile and therefore now, you must click on the triangle icon located in the top right bar (web version) , a menu will appear and they will click on the option that says: «Settings«.

With the previous click the Facebook configuration page will load and then here, you will click on «Modification» of the first option, called: Name.

So now they have to extract the name they have and which is shown in the first box and enter the new name by which they want to identify themselves on Tinder and after doing so conscientiously, they will click on the blue button, which says: «Change revision«.

Hey! That's it, the name change they made on Facebook will reflect on Tinder within about 24 hours and now it's just a matter of waiting to see the new name on their Tinder profile.

Note No. 2: If for one reason or another, they don't like the new name on Tinder and Facebook, they can restore it to the previous one or, if they want, enter another name following the same procedure described here and in about 24 hours the change will will reflect.

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