How to claim my YouTube 100.000 subscriber award or plaque - Step by step

Producing audiovisual material on YouTube can be a daunting but rewarding job. For this reason, this video network rewards content generators with a gift plate.

The first physical prize awarded is the plaque of 100 thousand members. Normally, the process of managing your badge can take a week.

Usually YouTube monitors accounts that reach 100.000 subscribers and send them an email with a code which must be inserted, on the page indicated there.

Then, you must log in with your channel account, enter the data, including the shipping address, and wait at least 3 weeks to receive the license plate. However, if it's been more than 15 days and you don't receive any emails, YouTube recommends send an email to support.

It is worth noting that there are some YouTube terms that can slow down the delivery process of the dish until you give it to you. However, don't worry, we have the solution here.

YouTube tips to get the dish smoothly

YouTube is very strict with delivering its awards to 'Youtubers', if you reach 100.000 subscribers, you need to make sure you not having violated any of the rules existing in this network.

For example, if you have received strikes in the course of your career, you may not receive the license plate in the first instance.

Likewise, you most likely have to delete from your channel Video that infringe copyright or are monetized by people outside of you.

As you can imagine, YouTube's offices are in the US, so license plate shipping is a lot faster for the people who are in that country.

How to claim my YouTube 100.000 subscriber award or plaque - Step by step

Taking into account that Spain is not exactly very far from the United States, shipping shouldn't take many days, however in some cases it can take several weeks.

That said, you can select a PO BOX address in the US and, from there, shipping is faster to your address in Spain.

What to do if I have not received the badge?

There are millions of channels on YouTube, and while there aren't that many that exceed 100.000 subscribers, that's a reasonable amount for yours to ignore and, therefore, you don't get your email.

YouTube on its support page, suggests to its users that they have exceeded 100.000 subscribers and have not received the respective email from contact support as soon as possible.

In case you are in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries that have economic and political differences with the United States, you will most likely have to pay taxes and customs services.

In turn, it is likely that shipping to Spain may take longer than expected and, in view of this, there is little to do for shipping services (FedEx, DHL) and YouTube.

Regardless, don't worry, if all goes well on your channel, sooner or later, the your plate should arrive at your home.

Other prizes awarded by YouTube to channels with the most subscribers

As you can imagine, there are rewards for 'YouTubers' with the most subscribers, for example there are 10 million license plates subscribers, those of 50 million and even the YouTube plate of 100 million.

How to claim my YouTube 100.000 subscriber award or plaque - Step by step

Currently, only three YouTube channels over 100 million subscribers: T-Series, PewDiePie and Cocomelon. That said, they received a red plaque similar to the YouTube icon.

Although there is no badge for 100 subscribers, from that amount you can customize the link of yours Youtube channel. Exceeding 1000 subscribers is one of the minimum requirements to monetize your videos.

If you reach 50 million subscribers, YouTube gives you the option to choose how you want the license plate to be that you will receive. Only 18 YouTube channels worldwide have surpassed this figure.

From MiraComoSeHace we encourage you to create your YouTube channel and upload the videos you are thinking about so much, you will see that with a lot of dedication, it won't take long to get the tuo badge YouTube 100k.

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