How to clear cookies and web history from Safari on my iPad

Through the Internet we have access to a large number of forms of entertainment, such as streaming platforms; as well as free time, in the social networks of the moment and in video games.

This, without neglecting the large amount of information that can be accessed at no cost in a few seconds; leaving so a great universe to which we can access through the tips of our fingers.

Although, as obvious as it may seem, we don't need the Internet if we don't have a device through which we can access it. And today we have tons of them to choose from without any problem or limitation.

There are people who prefer to browse from a computer, while others prefer to browse from a mobile phone or tablet.

How to clear cookies and web history from Safari on my iPad

There are many tablets in the market today, the most popular being the Apple iPad, a type of tablet that carries the iOS operating system , for the convenience of its users.

Also, if you are using an iPad, you will most likely choose to browse the internet via Apple's famous browser, Safari, a browser fast, clean and comfortable enough to use, making it a favorite to download and install on your pc.

The only thing that can get a little confusing when using Safari is deleting the history and the cookie associated with its use; so below we will talk about how you can do it and a little more.

Clear your iPad's history and cookies

When you use your iPad, you will be able to give it a wide use when it comes to accessing the internet; since you have several ways to do this, even if the main one is through yours browser: Safari.

This browser developed by Apple is extremely famous due to its interface and how fast you can be, and even if it has its detractors; it becomes a solid browser without noticeable problems.

However, if you are using Safari for the first time via your iPad;  You may have problems with its navigability, as if you need to clear your history and cookies to save space on your device, you may be a bit confused.

How to clear cookies and web history from Safari on my iPad

But there is really nothing to fear; As the process to follow to clear the history and cookies from your iPad is very simple. Just enter the settings of device and, within them, search for "Safari" in the main section and access this option.

Here you will see that you can delete the history by selecting the option ' Delete history and website data '; but keep in mind that with this option you will not be able to delete the cookies.

As these are only deleted via the "Advanced" menu and I enter "Website data" to delete them along with the cookies.

No more cookies

I cookie can be a big headache for many users due to the space they can take up and how slow you can put your computer.

However, via iPad you can block all cookies that try to stay on your device; Entering the Safari options again and activating the option ' Block all cookies '.

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