How to consult and pay fines from your mobile

Nobody wants to see themselves in the situation, but sometimes it happens: be sanctioned with a fine it is something much more common than it seems, and while it is not something pleasant, technology can help us carry out the necessary procedures once we have been fined is something less traumatic.

And is that today there are many facilities for obtaining information about fines thanks to the Internet and we even have the possibility of consult and pay fines from your mobile. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know to be able to see if you have any outstanding fines and, if so, make the payment from your mobile phone.

How to consult and pay fines from your mobile

You can check or pay fines from your mobile.

How to see pending fines on your mobile

Generally, when we are fined, we will notified of the complaint at the time of the violation. However, circumstances sometimes make it impossible notify personally the place and time of the offense.

In this case, in the days following the violation, the penalty will be sent by post or by notification. But there is a great way faster and more comfortable to find out if we have any outstanding fines.

The same Directorate-General for public traffic fines imposed to Spanish citizens, in the so-called Edictal Commission of Sanctions or TESTRA.

This bulletin board is accessible to anyone and checking if we have fines pending payment is as easy as enter our ID, name and surname or vehicle registration number in the search engine included. Then, we will see a list of pending penalties, if any.

But this is not the only way to check if we have a fine. DGT also offers the service of Electronic Street Addressing, thanks to which we can be notified electronically, by email or SMS, every time we are fined.

If you want be notified on your mobile when you get a fine, you need to register for the street electronic address service. To do this, you will need a Electronic DNI or digital certificate.

How to pay a fine from your mobile

How to consult and pay fines from your mobile

The My DGT app will allow you to pay fines in the future.

Now you know how to check if there are fines pending payment. The worst comes later, when it comes time to pay the fine.

Fortunately, you can make the payment also through your mobile phone and without having to go to one of the offices of the General Directorate of Traffic.

There are two different ways to pay fines with your mobile today - in the future there will be a third: through the My DGT application. Are the following:

Pay your fines with your mobile over the Internet

In case you wish pay the fine online, you must have both the date of notification that the number of practice accompanying the fine.

However, for some time now, the fines have a QR code which facilitates the obtaining of data necessary to pay the fine.

When you have the necessary data, access the DGT sanctions payment portal via the browser on your mobile phone and enter the requested data. It is worth remembering that, if you log in after identification - with a digital certificate, Cl @ ve system or other verification method -, you can consult other fines pending payment.

Finish the process by following the steps indicated on the screen and enter yours Payment details. When you are done, the fine will have been paid.

Pay your fines with your mobile over the phone

The DGT also has a telephone service which allows the payment of fines by call.

Il phone number for making payments is 060, and is available 24 hours on 24, every day of the year through an automated service. If you'd rather have the attention of a specialized agent, you'll need to call Monday to Friday from 09: 00 to 19: 00, or on Saturday from 09: 00 to 14: 00.

Either way, once you've contacted that phone number, you'll have to provide your details and information on the fine, and have handy a credit or debit card that you will need to use to make the payment.

How much is the fine for talking on the phone?

Being able to consult and pay fines from your mobile phone is fine. But even better DON'T è feel the need to do it.

One of the most common fines associated with the use of a mobile phone is penalty for speaking on a mobile phone while driving.

Using a smartphone or talking on a cell phone is considered a serious crime, which does not only involve one pecuniary sanction, but also involves the withdrawal of 6 points from the card together with the 500 euro penalty. Until 2020, this offense included a fine of 300 euros and the revocation of 3 points.

Note that this penalty is also valid in other situations such as using WhatsApp while driving, or watching a YouTube video. So it's better park the phone aside when you get in the car.

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