How to Correctly Reply to YouTube Comments - Quick and Easy

If the user wishes, he can create a YouTube channel and add videos with content of interest to different audiences. Also, people get paid through the platform by monetizing their videos, if their channel turns out to be quite successful. It is essential to see the statistics of the YouTube channel to check what your audience likes and which videos have been with the best acceptance.

At this point it is necessary to clarify that in order to exist this payment must be a channel very frequented by users, since the conditions of the service have established some clauses which must be respected to the letter.

How to correctly reply to comments on YouTube?

How to Correctly Reply to YouTube Comments - Quick and Easy

The so-called "youtubers" are users owners of a YouTube channel who dedicate themselves daily to create and share content through the platform, correctly uploading videos to YouTube from their mobile or PC. The topics are diverse, humor, science, music, television programs and others.

Users who visit the channel can interact with its creator by various means, including i «Comments». In the event that the youtuber allows comments on their videos, the followers will be able to express their opinions or questions about the content of the video.

There are situations where the amount of comments is quite large, which is why the task becomes a bit difficult when answering questions or opinions.

How to reply to comments on YouTube?

The YouTube platform sorts user comments chronologically, this helps notifications appear in an orderly manner and in turn allows you to reply from the oldest to the most recent comment.

To reply, press the icon with the option "Reply" located just below the comment. Write your reply and click the "Reply" option again.

There is also the ability to quickly view all comments by clicking on the section "Preview" located in the upper right corner of the screen below the video and before the comment list. To exit you just have to click on "X" added in the top corner

You can add various effects in writing your comments to customize them. Using, among other things, words with Bold (highlighted in black), italics or strikethrough, and you can also add a URL code to your comment, in this way a hyperlink will appear to redirect the user to a site on the web.

Users can pin comments so that they appear as a priority in the comment section, thus helping you to respond more quickly and in a timely manner.

In case you want to add just one gesture to comments, you can. Click on the option "I like it" located next to each comment.

Setup previews in YouTube videos

How to Correctly Reply to YouTube Comments - Quick and Easy

There are some settings available on YouTube that allow content creators to designate users' access limit on their videos.

Public videos are those videos on YouTube that are available to all users of the platform. In these, people can comment, they also have the opportunity to mark whether or not they like the content type shared. Likewise, all the actions carried out can be viewed by the general public.

Put private videos is an option in the video settings that prevents other users from making comments, you can apply this option to some content if you wish.

YouTube includes an entire community of users globally, both creators or "youtuber" and consumer users can interact on the platform. Share ideas, information of interest and let your favorite channels know the type of content they prefer, making the interaction even more dynamic.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like know your opinion. Were you able to correctly reply to YouTube comments? Do you find this YouTube option important? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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