How to create a calendar from a template in Microsoft Publisher

Among the packages that Windows offers us, there are very useful tools that we have probably not yet exploited to the full. One of them is the program we will be working with today: Microsoft Publisher.

With this program we can create custom templates, for example to make calendars. To do this, we need to consider the possible options we can choose from. The annual or monthly calendar that is made on a single sheet or full page.

In addition, you have at your disposal the possibility to create calendars in a smaller format, such as those kept in wallets. For all these cases, Publisher offers you a wide variety of which we will talk about and explain how to use them.

To get started, you need to open the Microsoft Publisher program. Then, you need to go to the ¨Integradas¨ tab. In ¨Integradas¨, you will click on ¨Calendario¨, which will give you access to a wide variety of predefined templates. Among them are the full page, yearly and monthly formats and further down in the same section you will get the wallet size templates.

Create a full-page annual calendar with Publisher

Full-page calendars are ideal for monthly and yearly calendars. Choose the model you like. On the right side of the model you choose, you will have a column with its name and some features that you can configure. For example, if you intend to insert an image into your publication, which in this case is a calendar, you can do so according to your preferences.

How to create a calendar from a template in Microsoft Publisher

The characteristics in question are as follows: color scheme, font scheme, activity information, page size and time period (one month per page or one year per page) and definition of calendar dates.

Below we will explain some details of the aforementioned features:

  • Combination of colors. Choose the color that most catches your attention. You can do this in the submenu with the color palette. Each of the colors has a name. Click on one of them and you will automatically see the change in the template.
  • Combination of characters. In this option you will also have a submenu with all possible combinations. Click on one of them.
  • Page size. Set the paper position that suits you best: horizontal or vertical.
  • Period of time. This setup allows you to select whether you want your complete annual calendar on a single sheet or a month per page.
  • Include events. List the most important events of the year.

After customizing the settings you have just read, click on the "Create" button. Wait for the template to load and you will have the newly created calendar on your screen. The whole year will appear on one sheet. 

In the program, you will be able to see a toolbar at the top of the screen where you will have options for drawing tools and text boxes.

You can make many other changes. For example, on the right side of the created template or calendar, there are event templates that you can select for use.

On the other hand, you can also edit by combining the publication source colors, which in this case is a calendar. In the end, don't forget to save what you have designed.

Create original full-page monthly calendars

With this Office tool, you can add monthly calendars to a publication in Publisher. But here you will see how you can create original monthly calendars. This format has the same procedure as in the previous case. I mean, you have to go up Integrated / Calendar, choose the one you like best and in the right column you can specify the option «One month on each page» in the «time period». Click on «Define calendar date» and define the start and end date of the calendar. Press ¨Create¨.

As in the previous step, you will have a template already created on the screen. But this time you will notice that there is a column on the left side with twelve pages, one a month. In this template you can make extra changes but they won't be applied automatically every month. You will have to do them one by one.

How to create a calendar from a template in Microsoft Publisher

Don't spend more money on calendars or wait for a company to give it to you. By following the steps in this article you will be ready for create your own original and personalized calendar with Microsoft Publisher.

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