How to create a capture form using the Tabstrip control

One such tool is Tabstrip, getting to know how it works will be of great help when working with Excel. In this article we will focus on teaching you how to use the TabStrip command specifically to create an acquisition form.

How to create a capture form using the Tabstrip control?

How to create a capture form using the Tabstrip control

The Tabstrip control is a tool within Excel whose main function is to allow creating multiple pages in the same module. Which is the same to say that it acts as a page separator but relative to the same area.

From the visual point of view, it is observed that within the same tab there are several pages, which are related to the same topic. All this occurs through commands, which will be indicated below by means of an example, to make the topic more understandable.

Steps to run the capture module using the Tabstrip control

How to create a capture form using the Tabstrip control

The first thing we need to do is open Excel. In this case we will make a form for an activity that deals with the sale of delicatessen and greengrocer. We will open two tabs e we will create a table for the cured meats and one for the greengrocer.

These tables will have three columns, one for the code, another for the product name and the last one for the price per kilo, in each row we will enter the values ​​for the product. Next, we do click on design mode to start enter commands.

We need to start with a index 0, so we'll start at write the codes in the save button where we will insert the values ​​for each product. This is very useful, as it will allow us to have control of the instructions by grouping them.

To start writing commands we need to start writing select CASE​. Next, an expression to evaluate, which can generally be a numeric variable. What we actually do with this step is evaluate the expression to create a specific block of code.

Once we have written case and the instruction list, to write another block code we rewrite case e we follow the instructions. Depending on the value assumed by the expression to be evaluated, one group of Instructions will be created and not the other.

Once the above is done, we will have a case else statement which allows us in the event that the variable has not assumed any of those values ​​that we have previously defined. Everything we have in case is done, finally, we end the statement with end select.

In this case we will have two blocks, one to fill in the data in the cured meats sheet and the other for fruit and vegetables. For this example we are using three integer time variables which are code, product and price per kilo.

Finally, it is important save each element with the End If command. Once completed all the commands for the two tabs, we will do click your save in the upper left corner.

Then we select in design mode to get out of design mode, we can start adding data into the spreadsheet for each product. The name of the product and the price per kilo and click on save.

By selecting in the gastronomy tab, all the data we enter will be automatically saved one by one in the gastronomy table. And when selecting the greengrocer, the entered data will be saved in the greengrocer table, so we have to keep doing this until we're done with all the products.

Knowing how to work with commands like Tabstrip is very important, because they will do it save time and help us get the job done much better and error free. In this way, there are many command tools that Excel provides us.

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